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Dear Reader of this article,

I have a problem or at least I think so.

I have equipped my HAckintosh with a Titan Ridge Thunderbols PCI-E card.

It was already quite difficult to get this to work, but I succeeded.

I got it done following the link below:

https://www.olarila.com/topic/8742-catalina-bigsur-on-gigabyte-z490-ud-with-10th-intel-processors-full-dsdt-patches-with-clover-or-opencore-bootloader- thunderbolt/

Only when I look at system overview at MACOS Catalina I see that the speed is at 2.5 GT/S.

I have a UAD Apollo Silverface connected to it and it just works, only I wonder if it is at full speed..

If not, what could be the problem and is there anyone else on this forum?

My Specifications:

- GB Z490 UD Mainboard
- i9 10850K 3600MHz processor
- 16GB 3200MHZ DDR4 Memory
- Saphire RX 580 Pulse DDR5 8GB Graphic Card
- Be Quiet dark rock 4 (CPU Cooler)
- 650 Watt Corsair RM650x PSU (80+ Gold)
- Titan Ridge Thunerbolt controller 2.0

I hope someone can inform me.
Thanks in advance!



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