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Hello All, 


I have weird issues in post install, everything works for me on my alienware 15r4 laptop. Whenever i open IOREG and I have tried several different versions of it, it just hangs and then starts to work and then hangs again when i try to click somewhere or even type anything in ioreg. 

it seems to happen more post USBport injections.

I did usb port discovery via hackintool and then added the aml's along with the usbinjectall kext. I'm not using the usbports.kext for the same reason(as i SSDT's in ACPI/patched).

I'm also attaching the screenshots and debug files any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


I have not done anything with the EC as my EC is named EC0 and i read in one of the guides, that you should not rename EC's on laptops.

There is also the DELL diagnostics that on reboots intemittently, not sure what that is related to as well :(




AW usb port mapping1.png

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