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First of all sorry for my English and the Category of this topic because I can't open anywhere else.


I've installed Big Sur (and tried others like High Sierra, Catalina etc.) couple months ago. Everything is fine since I use single Monitor with HDMI output. 

My main monitor have HDMI output, so I've been using it like this for a while. But I have another monitor that I want to use too. That has VGA output.

I know that Hackintosh doesn't support VGA anymore. So, I connect it to my PC with a DVI Converter. I convert VGA to DVI via converter and plug it into my GPU.

As I said, everything is fine until I connect my second monitor.

If I connect it while the computer running, the main screen(hdmi one) starts to glitch and blink, and the second one (dvi that is converted) gets a view with a green filter and blur.

If I connect it when computer is not working and boot, the screens became like the picture I've added below.(image.png) 

The left one (green one) is the converted one, and its all green filtered. The right one is the main one with original HDMI.

But the login screen doesn't show up.

I really need my second monitor (And I don't have a change to use a bigger single monitor or getting a new one with original DVI).

My GPU doesn't have another HDMI input. If Hackintosh doesn't supoort DVI, there is no chance.


Thank you all so much. Sorry again for my mistakes.


My System:

- H81M-K Motherboard

- AMD HD 7850 1GB Direct CU GPU

- Intel I7 4790 3.6Ghz CPU


My Config: 

Its attached below.




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I am adding some videos how it happens.

The green one is the one with converter.

When I try to open my computer with both connected, this happens.

No login screen shows up.

Just blank wallpapers. One is green filtered. And making white glitch in the top..


Help me please, I am afraid if nobody looks in this category :(

Today I buy a new converter cable called DVI-d VGA "Active" converter.

So I was using DVI-I Converter but now I am using DVI-D.

Things are changed a bit.

Now login screen comes. But screen glitches so much and very laggy when second monitor connected. But the second monitor doesn't show anything. Just black but screen opens, like Its open but there is nothing to show.

On system preferences > display section I can see both of my monitors brands.

Help me please, I feel that I am close to success.

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