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Big Sur restarts after 5 min idle time


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Hello, Everybody!


First of all, sorry I'm writing here, it looks like it's only one place where I can ask a question as a new user.


History: just installed OpenCore 0.6.7 + Big Sur 11.2.3 on GA-Z97mx + i7-4790k + 16Gb + 500GB SSD + GA Radeon  RX 580 8GB. It took some time to assemble an EFI partition and adjust config.plist, but after that system installed and is working now as a charme using USB Bluetooth with Mac's keyboard and TracPad!!! Thanks a lot to all colleagues who did made it possible and shared it!


Problem: after 5 minutes of been idle the system restarts by itself(regardless did it was booted from USB or HD). Nothing in the logs... I tried to stop all sleeping/hibernating using the control panel and, to be sure, pmset command - nothing helps. If youtube or other media player, which is getting an info from the Net, is working - no reboots until media is done (it can be a workaround for a while until fix is found); because of that I tried to use pmset - no luck...


Any help is greatly appreciated.


In the attachment, please, find my 'config.plist'




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13 hours ago, 5T33Z0 said:

Does your system also reboot if you try to put it to sleep via the Apple Menu?



Thank you very much for the idea! Unfortunately, this is not the case. I did tested both: 'Apple Menu -> Sleep' and through 'Config -> Energy Saver -> Turn display of after 4 min'. Both are working as it should be - no issues...


I did try to get out a USB Bluetooth card - no difference.


What is amazes me it's a sharp 5 min interval of idling before system crashes, doesn't matter what...

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6 hours ago, Slice said:

Just for curiosity will it be same behaviour if you boot by Clover?

Sorry, I forgot to mention, that under Clover + Catalina everything was nice. But I definitely will try tonight to use Clover + Big Sur: I also curios to see if the issue still here, i.e. this way we can see more precise where the problem is.


P.S. maybe it's right to move this thread under 'Post Install -> Big Sur' topic? Thanks.

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Here is an update:


I was not able to try Clover - did have some difficulties to create a bootable USB... ;-)


I did a clean install of OC + BigSur and tracked down the problem: everything was fine until a first usage of iBooks or iPhotos. First, I did install without connection to AppleID. Next, I connected to AppleID - everything still fine. After starting to use iBooks or iPhotos - problem starts: reboot after 5 min idle time.


Looks like this is a power management issue and it's also very hard on mac's original hardware too, please see:






Is it possible to fix this somehow?



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