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GRUB2 and Chainloading Open Core 0.6.5 and newer.

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GRUB2 and Chainloading Open Core 0.6.5 and newer.


Through version 0.6.4 chainloading was relatively simple. It now appears that Open Core 0.6.5 and newer have undergone code change that prevents chainloading the OpenCore.efi directly from GRUB2.


However, if you want to continue to use GRUB2 as your main ESP bootloader, you can install Refind 0.13.2 to your ESP alongside GRUB2 and chainload to Refind in grub.conf with the following (where xxxx:xxxx is your ESP UUID}:


menuentry "refind"{
   insmod part_gpt
   search --no-floppy --set=root --fs-uuid xxxx-xxxx
   chainloader /EFI/refind/refind_x64.efi


You may have to change the Vault configuraton in Open Core config.plist from Secure to Optional.


Here is a sample refind.conf that will chainload Open Core 0.6.7 (where xxxx is the volume name of your Open Core partition:


menuentry "OpenCore 0.6.7" {
    icon /EFI/refind/icons/os_mac.png
    volume xxxx
    loader /EFI/OC/OpenCore.efi
    options "-v"   


This is an extra step but it preserves GRUB2 as the main bootloader and facilitates use of newer Open Core version 0.6.7.

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