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  1. How to update Lion osX from DP3 to DP4

    I just ran dp4 from a network share in dp2 or 3. It all wnt fine, leaving everything I had, except for the extra installed Java. Fortunately I kept that. It sucks pretty much to have no Rosetta. Did anyone make a Lion-Rosetta installer ?
  2. Snow Leopard CardBus support

    this kind of reply is not very helpful! Please post links and more info?! Did the ethernet card work after that? Which kexts did you use, can you please attach them? thanks
  3. Hi, Thanks for your DSDT! It fixed my USB, shutdown and sleep. No restart though. Also issues with ethernet, but I gave up. Can you let us know what you used for reboot fix? Also, I have no battery, I used the battery.pkg which contains some VoodooBattery. Can you post you kext? thanks! Fixed the battery by using version 1.3 of VoodooBattery. does anyone know how to remove the @ permission? Gonna try to find a restart fix now. Did anyone have the cardbus and cardreader working and if so with which kexts?
  4. Video resolution on Dell D830 (Latitude)

    do not use ntkush, remove it. then set the mentioned option in boot.plist and you will have qe/ci. works for me up untill 10.6.7. I have not been able to fix the sound, did anyone? if so, with which mods/drivers?
  5. Dell d630 kext pack

    Hi, Can you explain what you modded to your DSDT to make the audio work and with what driver? It does not work on my D830. Thank you
  6. I spend $1600 on a second hand one. Perhaps you did not notice I mentioned the Dell Vostro 3700? That is what I would have had if Dell would not put it a cheapass screen. For a 1920x1200 17" experience, the best mac for the buck is a second hand mac. I also almost bought that bloody vaio, but see where it got you? So if you also took 1.6k you might have been happier? I just posted my experience and that is what does forum is about, is it not? So stop whining and read before you rant
  7. Really easy would be all those thinks working. AFAIK you will never get it 100% working because of the weird graphics hardware, so no CI/QE untill anyone spends a lot of time for this model to develop a driver. I think it is not gonna happen and without CI/QE OS X is pretty useless. For all other hardware just identify it and search the forums. For a good hackintosh i almost bought a Dell Vostro 3700, but since it has only 1600x900 as most other 17" dells, i just bought a MacBook Pro 17" and it rocks!
  8. probably caused by running 10.6.2 or higher on an atom? I had this suddenly after a kp while NBI was rebuilding the UpdateExtensions. I was working on removing non original kexts to get wake from sleep working. I had removed NullCPUpm.. and SleepEnabler while rebuilding, so I expect the problem lies there somewhere. I made a backup of S/L/E and fixed the problem by booting 10.5.7 installer and move back in place that backup. I also had to remove Extensions.mkext from the /Extra folder. My system booted fine without that so the kernel panic in VoodooBattery probably messed this up while NBI was busy. hope this helps someone. By the way, moving the AppleIntelCPU... kext did not work for me, same crash
  9. GMA950 Mobile Snow Leopard?

    Try this and read very carefully: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=210660 After a lot of fiddling i got it to work with the 10.6.4 version for graphics update 1.0 , after i fully updated my m912x with snow leopard. I used kext utility to install the kexts, used the bootfile and modded my dsdt, but i can imagine not all that is needed per se, because on a default 10.6.3 iAtkos s2 i had qe/ci by default. i hope that helps. I still have no sleep and proper battery detection
  10. Gigabyte M912 Atheros MiniPCIe

    How about that! I mailed Penmount for a reduced driver price and I got a link to the working driver! It's all free! This is the link: http://download.touch-base.com/http/02112010174747/macx.tgz Thanks penmount! Unpack the file, run the app and follow the instructions. After a reboot the calibrate tool is on the desktop. works like a charm!
  11. grub2 and efi strings

    any news on this?
  12. USB wireless cards that works are most with a RaLink chipset. You can download the drivers on their website.
  13. well, so happy to find this port. seems sony = sony, so something like 330m+sony is something {censored}? glad i did not buy it i hope anyone finds a solution, thank you all for trying
  14. Need help for osx

    Did any get Snow Leopard booting on this Sony? It seems the 330M should be working with QE/CI by using graphicsenabled is true? Can anyone confirm this machine runs SL?
  15. ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600 HELP

    I guess you better update your sig. Fully working is not without QE/CI. Fully working means fully working, as is with QE/CI. This is kind of disappointing. Just post if you have an internal display with QE/CI and when you have a reproducable set of actions to make it work. Glory will be yours .