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I have a PC desktop mainly running macOS Big Sur (11.2.3) on a separate SATA SSD. I'm also running Windows 10 and Ubuntu (20.04.2 if I remember correctly) on a common m.2 SSD. I also own a 2019 MacBook Air which often suffers the same issues as my hackintosh, however not this particular problem.


I'm somehow having "Ghost" data clogging my macOS SSD. It's a 1 TB SSD and all the data combined (OS, applications and users folders combined) doesn't reach 200 GB. However I somehow have only 160 GB free on it. I found a thread on Apple's official forum from someone having the same issue on his real Mac, but the solution doesn't seem to apply to me as the incriminated folder in his case is way more massive than the very same folder on my hackintosh. I'm attaching a screen capture of my hard drive's contents from the 'About this Mac' window (it's in French which is my native language, sorry about that). I think this is related but a few days ago I noticed I still had my music folder that I deleted months ago after copying it over to my PC laptop (I prefer iTunes to manage my music compared to the "music" app). It was somehow still on my SSD, but not in my /Users/User/Music folder. Instead it was in my "Guest" user folder. I never put it there and I live alone, so I only have my own account. I deleted it but somehow it didn't change my free space.


Can somebody help?


Thanks in advance.

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OK I thought it might be my time machine local snapshots taking about 600 GB of normally empty drive space. I tried deleting them, which I did but didn't get any drive space back. I got impatient, backed up my drive with carbon copy cloner (my backup is less than 200 GB like the total space used on my SSD beside that thing taking up all that space), rebooted into the backup, formatted my drive, i'm currently cloning back my data onto my macOS drive. Hope I won't forget to put back my EFI folder backup into the EFI partition.


I'll tell you how it goes.

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