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Sidecar with smbios Mac Pro 7,1

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Hello ,
I have my system up and running now with the latest opencore and kexts. One thing that still troubles me though is that Sidecar does not work with my iPad. I can connect without any problems, but the iPad stays black. I can move the mouse with the Pencil, so no timeout happens. The only problem is that no image is displayed.
I have configured the iGPU (HD530) as a headless GPU. 
Unfortunately, iMessage does not work with the Smbios for the iMac 2020, which I absolutely need. So I ended up with the Mac Pro 7.1, where everything works so far.

What else can I configure so that Sidecar works? And what information do you still need?

Sidecar only works when the igpu is working in headless mode.

1,1 and 7,1 are total no goes for SideCar I’m afraid.

It 100% works under 19,1 with a igpu in headless mode though.

p.s if iMessage isn’t working then somethings wrong with your details in your smbios.

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how can I first test that the iGPU is in headless mode?
I read in another forum that iMessage works with the Mac Pro 7.1.
I had the 19,1 iMac as a test, however iMessage quit immediately (No error message). And in 7,1 everything really works until Sidecar.

So should I go back to 19,1 and create a new config (Serial,..)?

If you want to have sidecar working then yes go back to 19,1 and generate new details for it.

make sure the igpu is enabled in the bios and the igpu is setup as headless via your config.plist.

also and I’m sure you already know this but sign out of your iCloud before switching smbios 

Okay thanks, now at least sidecar works.
Unfortunately iMessage is the problem now. I logged out before the change and created new serials and tested them too. However, iMessage now comes up with the error message: "An unkown error occurred."
So I created a new SMBIOS (19,1) config and logged out again and deleted the device from iCloud.
Unfortunately, the error happens again and again.
And under Mac Pro 7.1 it runs fine. I also have real devices in the iCloud, so should not be a problem.
Where is there still need for adjusting?

That’s very strange.

19,1 icloud services have never been a issue on a z390 and a 9900k

since your using a 6700k then smbios 19,1 is wrong for your setup anyway.

it should be iMac17,1 for a skylake CPU

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