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  1. Netflix not working has nothing to do with the EFI, please read my post about drm issues I made earlier buddy. no just use it for a few days and see how it works for you, it’s more about extra stability and better native nvram compatibility then anything else. Any boot flags you needed before you will still need now like pikera.
  2. Yep you got it mate, it’s working beautifully so far, I’m testing under 19,1 and it’s rock solid. gonna replace the main EFI with this one soon if it keeps up the stability like it is and the testers all approve it too.
  3. @tasc you tell my inbox that mate. It’s beyond a joke now tbh. no changes to the DSDT but I’ve done something very special indeed mainly with the drivers. for instance, not using Aptiomemoryfix or anything else related to the old UEFI drivers
  4. Yes your do perfect brother. il will send you the new EFI within the next hour. Are you Z390 Pro or Master ?
  5. A Note ABOUT DRM GATE Please people go easy about the broken DRM issues, I have seen two MacBook Pro’s with the same problem using a FireWire connected GPU so the problem runs deep and it’s something that Apple and or WEG will resolve in time. I feel like it’s getting all a bit OTT now concerning this problem and my thread is absolutely saturated with DRG GATE. Just relax everybody and chill and it will be resolved sooner or later. Question, Who actually watches Netflix or any other streaming service bar maybe Kodi on there hacks in reality anyway?
  6. Why are you using 10.15.1 beta when 10.15.2 release is out? also your smbios is wrong as it should say what iMac you have and not be blank like that buddy. Ops!
  7. Your absolutely golden by the look of it buddy.
  8. sounds like a glitch to me, check by trying Apple TV or geekbench gpu test and if it scores right your fine.
  9. Netflix via safari is broken at the moment and works with some Gpus and not others. for now just use a different browser for Netflix until it’s fixed and keep your WEG and Lilu kexts up to date. concerning the bios profile, load it back in and just disable the igpu before you save it and save and exist and done. In VideoProc They should both be green, this means your gpu hardware acceleration is not correct my friend. Update too 10.15.2 as well
  10. sorry buddy I don’t understand, explain with more detail please?
  11. Catalina Update 10.15.2 Hey everybody, Update away...Its totally fine to do so with no changes needed.
  12. what actually happened is you reset your bios and as a result it reset your nvram resolving the problem. I was going to say earlier to pull your battery and then reload your settings and that would of had the same effect. you can also press F11 at the clover boot screen and this will also reset your nvram but pulling the battery is always the most effective way. I hope that clears it up for you buddy. Hi are you by any chance using a Corsair AIO on your build? If so then that's what's causing the wake from sleep problem. disconnect the internal usb connection to the AIO as its not used in MacOS and not needed and this will fix the issue straight away. If however your not using one then disconnect all your usb devices apart from your keyboard and mouse and see if that does it and then trace what device is causing it.
  13. Catalina Update 10.15.2 Hey everybody, Update away...Its totally fine to do so with no changes needed.