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  1. Could you give it a go when your bored please buddy and tell me if it's all in my head or is it better with it disabled?
  2. Il do it now thanks bud. Do you disable the 630 gpu under windows? I've tried it enabled and disabled while running win10 and find gaming say much smoother if its disabled. (Not in the bios but in device manager). Is that a thing or is it abit of placebo effect going down on me? LoL
  3. Hey buddy I hope your good? Just glanced at your little update about the EMUVariableUefi-64.efi, I have mine removed so should I put it back in the efi folder now it no longer conflicts or just leave it out? is your sound ok now since updating the bios and did you have to reboot or did you fix it? Oh yes and i almost forgot. Corsair sent me a copy of the corsair link software for macos, unfortunately it doesn't pickup the h100i but it does pick up everything else so if you have a load of corsair hardware like I do and want a copy then let me know and il upload it for you
  4. Hi, Use Glasgoods EFI Folder buddy from page 1 on here, it contains the SSDT I made from my build and it's what I started with and it should work perfectly from the word go for you plus if you have any problems you have plenty kind people on here to help you out. I'm at work at the mo or I would send you mine anyway but trust me everything you need for a perfect hack is right here for you already bro. Just take your time with a cup or tea and read everything twice and go slow and your be fine.
  5. Oh no I feel like that's my fault I'm so sorry buddy....ops! Before i started my hack I updated the bios so I never encountered any of that and everything worked fine after sleep and wake out of the gate for me. I'm in the habit of always updating a motherboard bios before I start a fresh system boot. I've been doing that for over 10 years so I just assume so does everybody else...lol...sorry again buddy, I hope you don't have to reboot your build.
  6. Hey pal just a quick note for you, if you disable render standby in the bios your get much better fps with the 580 and a general boost in your scores. I was meaning to say this the other day but my head was in to deep with my system. Also your safe to update to the latest bios on your board. I'm running and did the USB routing with revision F9. I hope that helps buddy
  7. Thanks buddy and thank you for all your help. I couldn't of done it as perfect as it is without you so props too you sir! Tempted to overclock it now but resisting the urge hahaha
  8. Hi Buddy I thought you might like to see what I've been working on for the past few days as she's now 100% finished and booted and ready for a hard days graft tomorrow...lol I hope you like it buddy, you helped me make it perfect
  9. Ok I've sorted it out, instead of copying and pasting all the lines in at once I did it one at a time and when I found one that already existed (for the 630) I added the extra info into if manually with clover rebooted and perfect. Boot time is back to normal and everything is displaying under pci. Also in geekbench I can see the 630 and 580 but can only select the 580 to run a test with. Phew
  10. Update number two, It's got something to do with the 630 gpu as I opened geekbench to run a test and noticed it used to display both GPU and it still does but before I could only select the rx580 and now I can select both to run a gpu test with so when I moved the properties and it renamed it by removing the 2 and I changed it all around something happened I guess. Hopefully you will know what's going on cos I'm abit lost and have gone back to nothing showing under pci for now.
  11. Ok so I removed the line 0x1005 and the cpu error has gone bit now it displays my cpu as a i7 instead of an i9 but that's no biggie really. The hang is more like 3 extra seconds too...lol Is the hang because of the pci population?
  12. Oh by the way the iMessage fix worked like a charm:) Thank you
  13. That's awesome buddy so I did good then? I'm so glad I could contribute something towards this all for you. On a different note I have attempted to populate the PCI info and it worked but when I goto paste the properties into the config.plist it renamed it properties 2 as properties already exists so took away the 2 and replaced the properties chain and it worked but there's a hang now on boot up for about 5 extra seconds before it gets to the login. Any ideas what's wrong there?
  14. Ok il do it now buddy thank you.
  15. Do I change my SMBIOS too Mac Mini 8.1 or leave it at 19,1 and if I do have to change it do i put it back too 19,1 afterwards? Also should I also sign out of my iCloud before i start?.