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BrightnessKeys is more meant for laptops, which have built in ACPI functions to increase/decrease the brightness of the built in display. BirghtnessKeys takes advantage of those on laptops.
I don't believe that BrightnessKeys is meant to help with setting the brightness of monitors.

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5 hours ago, GOOGE said:

I'm currently using ExternalDisplayBrightness app to adjust my monitor(s) brightness levels from the f1 and f2 keys on my hack. I see that Acidanthera have a handler, BrightnessKeys . Does anyone know how to implement this, and make the f1 and f2 keys function with it?  I read the Configuration.pdf but I'm not getting it...


The ExternalDisplayBrightness app is very cool.  Thanks for introducing it to me.  Were you able to select the keys that make the screen go darker or brighter?  I was able to get the F1 key to make my screen darker but could not find a key to make the screen go brighter.  I suspect that, if you already have a function assigned to an F-key, you need to unassign it before you can reassign it using the app.  I don't think Acidanthera's brightness keys can do that.  You might want to see if the Karabiner-Elements app can do it.

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