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P4 530 + i915G works PERFECT!


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Hi all,

This morning i tried tiger-x86.iso and Marklar-Tiger.iso (patched by generic patcher release1)


I have:

P4 530 3ghz socket 775

Biostar i915G-m7

256mb ddr pc3200 (tomorrow i will buy other 512mb...)

hd 20gb

dvd-rw pioneer (superdrive)


I tried this morning with tiger-x86.iso and i was happy cause it worked perfect.

This evening i installed Marklar dvd and it was better!! I choose SSE3 (and not enabled SSE2 on installation)

I don't know why, but using this dvd worked better... the plus was:

- Apple keyboard + apple mouse usb worked

- Stop and resume works perfect

- Activity monitor "see" 2 cpu


Anyway, this motherboard is perfect!

Intel GMA900 tiger core image supported

Audio (ALC655) supported

Network (realtek) supported

Ide and serial ata worked


Now, i have some questions:

Is normal that PPC application take about 30 seconds to start? Or if i upgrade my ram i will get better performance? (universal binarys is fast as lightspeed!)

Or do i have to patch any file to get better performance from rosetta? I suppose this cause safari open in 2-3 seconds and itunes take about 30 seconds... (upgraded to 6.0 nothing changes...)

And if i try the SSE3->SSE2 patch? (i know i have sse3... but i can't believe PPC application can be so slow...)

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minimum of 1GB of main memory, and preferably 2GB or more.





What does all of this mean for Mac users? First off, it means that anyone who plans to use Rosetta heavily will need plenty of memory. A while back, Transitive CEO Bob Wiederhold told the SJ Mercury News that translated apps will eat up about 25% more memory than their non-translated counterparts. I suspect that this number is an average, and not the result of a fixed code cache size that's allocated on a per-application basis. (Not that there's not a ceiling on the size of the translated code cache—there probably is—but I suspect that the code cache is kept as small as possible.) So make plans to order that new Intel-based Mac with a minimum of 1GB of main memory, and preferably 2GB or more.

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