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  1. HP 2510P Guide

    I have no problem with video. I have been able to Stop/resume with sleep.kext. I have KP ONLY when not connected to power supply. And i was not able to use any kind of 3G USB pen... i got any time KP while to plug the pen...
  2. HP 2510P Guide

    I will give it a try... Let me know if you get other KPs... Anyway, i was able to update to latest Lion (1.7.5) without anyproblem. I installed combo update, no reboot and reapplied /Extra thru MyHack. Really easy
  3. HP 2510P Guide

    I don't experience reboot on power cable unplug... Moving out AppleHPET don't hang your machine... you can always boot into single user (-s) SleepEnabler can give you hang on boot if you do not choose the right one (i don't have it now, but i can upload it if you need), but you can always boot the installer by you install Lion and remove kext by hand... As i know, it's not possible to install ML
  4. HP 2510P Guide

    Just to let you know two more things: 1° I was able to make right USB port working after remove a kext. If i remember right, it's AppleHPET.kext (try yourself and confirm it's that... try moving out from folder before to remove) 2° I was able to make Sleep working!! (this is amazing!). I used SleepEnabler! Really nice! The only problem still remains the touchpad really to quick... have to found a solution for that....
  5. D'you mean thru smbios?
  6. Attachments were extracted in Ubuntu thru "acpidump -b -t DSDT -o DSDT.aml" and "iasl -d DSDT.aml" Both aml and dsl DSDT.zip
  7. Tried DSDT.aml and SMBBios inside Bootpack, and my screen became black. Tried EDP post-install and made configuration as it is an NP900X3C, but result is the same: black screen just before Login Screen (EDP modified /S/L/E too... fortunately i backed up before to apply it! After first reboot i had problem with VoodooHDA. Removed, i didn't have KP, but screen goes black and nothing then...) I have an NP900X4C-A01IT... i don't know if it's the same identical... (my is an i7...)
  8. What about touchpad? And sleep?
  9. Can you be more specific? I opened osxlatitude thread but i don't find any usefull information...
  10. OK, i solved by myself... Just to help persons who needs, this is how i get to install ML: Got 10.8.2 12C60. I prepared an (MBR) usb key thru myHack tool (really easy) Two most important things: 1° You'll have to put usb key on left, on USB 2.0 port 2° In Bios, you have to choose AHCI MANUAL and AHCI Enabled, otherwise your disk will not be seen by Disk Utility After that, you are ready to install. What to do after first boot? First of all, you'll have to catch an usb mouse (put on left!). Edit /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist, in Terminal type: sudo nano /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist and set 1600x900x32 on 1024x768x32 line. Then remove Trackpad kext (no way to get it working as a trackpad, only as mouse): sudo rm -rf /Extra/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext/Contents/Plugins/ApplePSTrackpad.kext I installed VoodooHDA 2.7.3 to get sound working Then, launch myHack tool (you'll find it on /Applications) and "Run myFix", in Full mode. Reboot, and you'll have a working system, without acceleration for now... i didn't tried any method to get QE/CI on HD4000...
  11. Please, can you be more specific about how to install ML on Samsung Series 9? I have an NP900X4C (15"/i7/256SSD/8GB-ram) and i was not able to boot installation. I always got Still Waiting for Root device. I tried every boot option available without success. I use MyHACK method to build ML usb pen. This evening i read you update bios to last update and i made the same thing (now i am on P04AAC), but nothing changes. Hope you'll help me to install it P.s. Please, explain me bios settings and options you used (and ML pen build method)
  12. Sony Vaio SVT1311V2ES

    I switched my Sony to a Samsung NP900X4C. Even with Ivy Bridge, i7. Same problem. Tried all possible kext, always get Still Waiting for root device, even changing bios settings. No way to see an Ivy Bridge booting Lion or Mountain Lion Installation!!
  13. HP 2510P Guide

    I successfully update to 10.7.5 using a script to "clean" /S/L/E. No way to find a way to use a DSDT.aml If anyone knows how to build one without having a patch, please let me know
  14. HP 2510P Guide

    Hi all, yesterday i bought an HP 2510P: 12" 1280x800 Core2Duo U7600 1.2ghz Intel X3100 Wireless-Bluetooth-Firewire-Cardbus-2USB DVD-R combo drive 60gb 1.8" harddrive I installed successfully Mac Os X Lion 10.7. Here some information: Created a USB Disk with MyHack with my own Extra folder (you'll find at the and of post) Everything is working really well, except for WiFi Intel that does not work. I'm thinking to buy a BCM4321MCP2 that seems to be the only compatible with this notebook (i already have a BCM4322, Dell 1530 and two mini-pci-e Atheros and Broadcom got from MacBookPro, but anything seems to be accepted by this hardware... it's a bios/hardware limit, pay attention!) Installation: The method i used is to set on smbios "MacBook 3,1" and GraphicsEnabler=no (obviously, arch=i386 is necessary!). This is the only one method that permits system to boot in 1280x800 with QE/CI enabled and full resolutions. After that, you have only to install VoodooHDA to get sound. What does not work? - Wireless does not work at all - Touchpad is working only with ApplePS2Mouse (no scroll), because i was not able to make ApplePS2TrackPad to work. If anyone knows a method to get it working better, please let me know. What does work? - Volume Buttons works perfect - Sound is working perfect, even the integrated microphone - USB both working - Graphic Card is perfectly identified I was not able to set Power Management for sleep, because i was not able to generate a DSDT.aml for this machine (there is no patch) and i don't have information to make it works (need help to understand what to make) Anyway, i'm happy because the system is good and with an external Asus WL167G i'm able to use network Please, let me know if you are able to explain me how to make PM works. Bye HP2510P.zip
  15. Sony Vaio SVT1311V2ES

    Yes, but "still waiting for root device", come over the kext scan... if USB device would not be visible, it should not read kext by kext on "-x" option... Still waiting for root device come AFTER boot...