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Unlock Dell Hackbook with an Apple Watch

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Someone tried to unlock Dell Hackbook with an Apple Watch in the last update of whatchOS?

I couldn't do it with this Broadcom BCM 94352HMB

@vbmota - long time, no talk.  I hope you're well.  In another forum where I posted a guide for my EliteDesk 800 G4 Mini, I discussed Apple Watch unlocking with one of the forum contributors.  He made many attempts at getting Apple Watch unlocking to work with non-Apple BT, but he finally gave up and purchased a genuing apple Wi-Fi/BT card.  After he purchased an Apple BT card and installed it in his hack, Apple Watch unlock worked immediately.


I don't want to discourage you and I have only this one case so I can't really make any conclusions, but you may be in for a difficult journey when trying to get Apple Watch unlock to work with non-Apple BT.

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@vbmota This thread by @AudioGod might give you a clue about getting Apple Watch Unlock to work.  He just needed to get the right Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card for his rig.  I'm not sure about cards that fit the Dell Latitude E6410, but the key appears to be getting the right card (and it doesn't need to be genuine Apple).

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