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[Driver] New kext for CMI8738 Sound cards on both PPC and Intel macs/hackintoshes


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Since i got a 2001 quick silver g4 and some skill working with xcode i decided to try and get running some sound cards on my machine using some open source pre-existing drivers.

So my first (and for now the only successfoul) port to PPC macs is the driver for the CMI8738 sound cards, this driver is a fork of the pre-existing OS X driver made by Dogbert, but i have done some minor tweaks to improve it and i have added sample endianess corrction to allow the driver to be working on PPC machines.

I have open sourced the kext on github https://github.com/ITzTravelInTime/CMI8738_PowerPC_Intel
(NOTE that ir requires xcode 2.x or 3.x to be build, and can be also compiled for both PPC and Intel at either 32 or 64 bits, so in theory you can compile this driver for usage on modern macOS too, since there are PCIe cards featuring the CMI8738 sound chip)

And you can find a pre-build PPC 32 binary here: https://github.com/ITzTravelInTime/CMI8738_PowerPC_Intel/releases

I had several problems compiling it for intel, but if you want to help me, you are welcome.

Also the driver for now requires OS X Leopard, i am still figuring out how to get it working with Tiger.

Limitations of this driver are:
- The absence of Input support, it's partially implemented ATM, but it isn't working.
- No support for anything which isn't 2 channel audio, so you can't make use of the 5.1 or the 7.1 support that some cards features, so you just have support for SPDIF/optical and the green jack on the back.

Those are the same limitations as the orignal driver by Dogbert, if you want to help me getting them to work, you are free to commit your code and ideas on the github repo i linked.

I hope this driver will be usefoul to you and that you will have a great time using your machines.

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