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hi ineed help

I tried to intall mac os sierra.raw verry fist time. but there is a error msg my platform is not suitable.


dell vostro 15-3568

intel hd 620

i3 7gen

pls help me what is the reason


can you help me where can i get it. its my first time


On 2/3/2021 at 6:46 PM, Cyberdevs said:

@chamin Please read the Rules and do not create double topics or double posts.

ok, sorry. its a mistake

Follow the guide at Dortania's OpenCore Github repo, it explains all you need to do step-by-step for all actions, including setting up SMBIOS info. Try it rather than expect others to do it for you. Or open up your OpenCore config in Opencore Configurator and use the tool to select the relevant and appropriate Mac model. The tool then does everything for you. Any idiot can do it.

You can use GenSMBIOS to generate new credentials for your machine. Then use Propertree to insert them into your Config.plist.


In order to find out which platform is best for you, you can follow the guide at Dortania. If you have a laptop with a 7th Gen Kaby Lake i3 processor, follow this link:



Here is a screenshot from the above page concerning platforminfo for your device. I highly recommend visiting it and reading / following all of the steps in detail.




You can download GenSMBIOS from the link on Dortania as well, or from here:


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