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[GUIDE] Transferring SMBIOS Infos from Clover to OpenCore (and vice versa)

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When switching between OpenCore and Clover, copying over your existing SMBIOS Infos from one Bootoader to the other can be a bit confusing because of naming differences as well as the number of fields available in both configs. So I had a look at my SMBIOS Infos using GenSMBIOS and found out which parameters belong to what in Clover and OpenCore.


Name and Location of GenSMBIOS Parameters in Clover/OpenCore


GenSMBIOS        Clover Configurator       OpenCore config.plist
Hardware UUID*       System Parameters > Custom UUID      N/A in PlatformInfo > Generic
Board ID       SMBIOS > Board-ID      N/A in PlatformInfo > Generic
Serial Number       SMBIOS > Serial Number      PlatformInfo > Generic > SystemSerialNumber
System ID       SMBIOS > Sm UUID      PlatformInfo > Generic > SystemUUID
ROM**       Rt Variables > ROM      PlatformInfo > Generic > ROM
MLB      SMBIOS > Board Serial Number      PlatformInfo > Generic > MLB




*Hardware UUID: This information is displayed under "About this Mac… > System report > Hardware" and should be identical to the information in GenSMBIOS if everything has been copied over correctly. 

**ROM: in Clover Configurator, select the option "from SMBIOS" and paste over your MAC Address


You know that the SMBIOS Infos are correct if you switch Bootloaders and the SMBIOS Infos listed in GenSMBIOS are still identical. Another indicator for successful transfer is that you don't have to re-enter the passwords of your E-Mail Accounts in the Mail App.

    1-Click-Solution for Clover Users

If you've used GenSMBIOS prior to generate SMBIOS Infos and installed them into your system, you can select them in Clover Configurator to avoid SMBIOS Infos conflicts altogether. Under "Rt Variables" simply click on "from System" and you're good:


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Good stuff.  I was able to transition from CLOVER r5122 to OC 0.6.5 by following the steps that I posted here.  After I followed these steps and rebooted in OC, I didn't have any AppleID, Messaging or other identity issues, so my rig's identity remained constant from Apple's perspective.

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hello I am very happy to find your post.
under a 17.1 smbios i had no problem matching opencore 0.6.6 and clover 5129.
to solve a DRM problem I switched to iMacPro1,1, and there I can not match the 2 config.plist, there is a UUID problem. if I choose from bios the values differ. even if I copy the number with propertree. if I select from material, it seems to match. Can you explain to me the difference between these 2 choices? I couldn't find anything (as usual with clover configurator) on the web.
thank you

for me the problem come from hardware UUID he never change whatever i change smbios with gensmbios

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