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Found 22 results

  1. So apple has presented a new and updated mac mini a few days ago, and the great news seems to be the use of desktop processors in it, in fact, all the specs seems to match a typical desktop socket 1151 v2 coffeelake system without a dedicated gpu, so i am wondering if the smbios of this machine could be our new smbios of preference for coffeelake desktop machines. So i have created this new topic to discuss about it. Of course we will have to wait to do tests using the first public version of mac os which integrates this smbios, because when every new mac is released it's smbios is available initialy just in a purpose made mac os build and then it's added for all the os builds in the following releases. So what do you think about the possibility of using this new smbios for desktop coffeelake machines instead of the imac 18.3/18.2 ones? https://www.apple.com/mac-mini/specs/
  2. Hi im installed mountain lion on my lenovo z500 and I couldnt find a smbios for my procesor Intel Core i5-3230M. So i looked up the smbioses and the model that fits my proccessor is macbookpro10,2 but i cant find the download anywhere.
  3. fasullo

    [Risolto] Problema smbios

    Ciao a tutti. Ho un piccolo problema con clover configurator apro il files config.plist e nella sezione smbios me lo vede come iMac 8,1. Se vado in informazioni su questo mac me lo vede come iMac 14,2. Può essere che i kernel panic che ogni tanto mi capitano sia dovuto a quello? Grazie mille.
  4. Buenas, Estoy intentando instalar Sierra en mi ordenador, que es un AMD-FX 8350, y tengo algunos problemillas, uno de ellos que el ratón no me funciona, pero bueno eso ya veré cómo lo soluciono... Ese que veis arriba es el error que me aparece en cuanto alcanzo el instalador. Por lo que he estado leyendo, puede que sea porque mi SMbios tiene puesto un MacPro 3,1 y no es compatible con Sierra, por lo que tendría que utilizar en su lugar el MacPro 5.1 o en adelante, o quizás un iMac 13.1, pero el problema es que no se cómo editarlo. He estado buscando información y casi todo lo que encuentro son apps como Chameleon Wizard que te generan uno nuevo según el modelo que selecciones y demás, pero me han dicho que eso no se hace así, que no es tan fácil como abrir una app y ya está o modificarlo manualmente con el editor de texto. Entonces necesito que me echéis una mano diciéndome cómo va esto... lo agradecería muchísimo!
  5. Hello Guys I have a new 200 series board with an i5 7400 and 8 GB Ram + Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 710 The system definition that I used is 17,1 because I have read that for kabylake is the best choice working on Sierra 12.6 Everything was working without the GPU plugged. When I plug the Graphic Card, I need to change the SMBIOS to iMac 14,1 because with 17,1 I get a black screen at boot time and the monitor disconnect. (The computer stills on and in password screen, but without image ) With 14,1 iMac SMBIOS everything is working and recognized. I have read that is a problem that could be fix with "AGDPfix.v1.3.zip" ​But ,is there any danger in the stability if I have 14,1? what is the better option? Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi everyone! (IMPORTANT: This tip is only valid if you using AppleHDA.kext for sound and if you have an iMac model set up in your smbios file. Using MacPro in your smbios may cause your system not boot up, so be careful!!!) So the tip: change your smbios.plist values correctly for a MacPro instead of an iMac. Yesterday I found out that the sound popping is present on real iMacs and MacBooks too, and the cause of popping is a power saving function by Apple, which turns off the sound driver if no sound played for an amount of time. This power saving function is not present on MacPros, so if you change your hackintosh to a MacPro via the smbios.plist, then no more popping when sound played. This method fixed my sound popping issues completely!
  7. Ratul




    All in one Chameleon boot arguments and theme changer, smbios.plist editor, kext installer, and DSDT dumper from Awesome Studios
  8. I am using MacPro 5,1 sambas and don't want to change it to other due to iCloud and iMessage log in issue. I have been modifying IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext to use macmini5,1 speedstep for my i5-2500k and was working. However, now with Yosemite, it won't boot with such kext. I can load modified kext such as applertc, applehda, AGPM, etc but this kext won't load nor applied to kernel cache. because of this, my system is stuck at 3.4GHz. any idea? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey, So I've got a working 10.5.8 installation on my HP Pavilion DV6500 AMD laptop. It has 4GB DDR2 RAM and an AMD Turion 64 1.9Ghz TL-58 processor, with an FSB of 200 and a ratio of 9.5. Everything is running gorgeously, apart from this ridiculous 'About This Mac' window! Whenever I click on it, finder crashes and re-launches. I've tried several AppleSMBIOS.kext files, the AppleSMBIOS ToH installer, and I can't seem to get it to work at all. I've used iAtkos7 with the 9.5.0 Voodoo kernel. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  10. I finally got around to updating my machine from 10.12.4 to 10.12.5. I had updated a couple of others already and had no issues, so I expected this to go smoothly, but not to be... Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH CPU: Intel Core i7-3770k Memory: 16GB Video: Nvidia Quadro K2000 Clover --- Feel free to skip to the end/solution, I'm realizing this tale may not be as interesting as I thought as I type it, but I've gone this far --- I have used the same Clover config and hardware for a number of years with almost zero issues. After the update, the machine restarted, but part way through the boot process (Apple logo + progress bar), the screen would go black and there would be no video. I could boot in safe mode, so I made sure the update installed properly, which it did. Tried a few more reboots with same results. I updated Clover, since I had not done so in quite some time, but no luck. Also tried a number of different Clover options, installed the Nvidia web drivers and still the same behavior. There were no issues booting into Windows. I then dug out an older video card (GT 240) and swapped out my Quadro. That booted ok. Then I put both in together with one monitor connected to each. The machine booted, but only the monitor on the GT 240 worked. In System Information, I could see the Quadro listed and all of the specs looked fine, but no monitor was shown connected. Somehow the machine was recognizing the Quadro, but not any of the outputs. After monkeying around some more (NVCAP, and some other things), I tried a different SMBIOS model (from iMac12,1 to MacPro5,1) in the Clover boot screen. That booted fine! So I thought I finally had the fix. I updated my Clover config to MacPro5,1 (keeping my serial number, board ID and board serial number) and restarted. Back to the blank screen. After more messing around, I found that if I go into the SMBIOS config during Clover boot and edit the model field, just pressing enter twice (but not actually change anything), it would boot fine. So forcing Clover to react to the change caused a successful boot. Seemed that it needed to do something with the SMBIOS information, not just load it from the config. Next order of business, I removed the entire SMBIOS section of my Clover config and restarted and the machine booted fine. I added only the 3 fields back, left the rest blank and restarted; black screen again. --- end/solution --- I re-edited my config.plist, removing the board ID from my original config and got my Quadro back working again. Letting Clover auto-generate that (if it is indeed needed) has been reliable so far (possibly better? Seems sleep/wake/restart is a little faster now...). It has been so long that I had been using the same SMBIOS info (with success), it took me a long time to question and start changing those parameters. It is unclear to me why, after so many updates and rebuilds, 10.12.5 had an issue with the board ID, though. I hope this may help folks looking for answers after the 10.12.5 update (or maybe others).
  11. giacomo.dessi2303

    Smbios corretto

    Salve a tutti, ho un problema all'avvio di mac os che ho già provato a risolvere con foskvs ma senza risultati.. Attualmente come smbios uso MacBookPro 12,1 (portatile in firma) mentre se uso imac 14,1 questo problema non si presenta. Dite che posso tenere iMac 14,1 magari rigenerando l'ssdt per il pm?
  12. Hi, the last few days I tried to improve the performance of my Hackintosh. Now I wanted to enable proper SpeedStep and got a problem with my SMBIOS. I had the MacPro3,1 definition running until now, but to enable SpeedStep I wanted to try the Macmini5,3 definition. The problem is that as soon as I set the definition in Clover I get stuck on booting at: AppleLPC::start - Could not find IOPlatformPlugin driver. The strange thing is, that my X86PlatformPlugin.kext got no definitions in it. Do you think the error could be related to that and what could I do to resolve the issue? Thanks in advance
  13. Good morning, I recently build an hackintosh based on: - ASUS p7p55D-e - Intel core i7 860 (lga 1156) - NVIDIA gtx750 (maxwell architecture) Using yosemite and nvidia webdriver (now respectively at GM3 and 343.01.01b04), I managed my GTX750 to work, with fullscreen support and no graphic issues (still no opencl and problem with preview, but ehi, it's a beta ). In order to avoid a c-state error during boot, I changed my SMBIOS from Mac Pro 5,1 to iMac11,1 (respectively lga 1366 and 1156) and it fixed my problem. But unfortunatly, after this change, I lost my multimonitor support, and I really can't find the answer! Does anyone have an idea? Thanks for your help and have a nice day Marco
  14. Hi Everybody!! After messing around with many linux Distros, i've recently been attracted from the OS X, and wanted to get it working on my notebook. After many tries, following lot of different guides (non3 of them completely working to say the truth), I finally managed to install Lion 1.7.2 on my fresh Acer M3. The point of this Thread is help someone elsa with my hardware to accomplish this goal and, hopefully, get some help to make things works better (well, in some cases, just make them work would be enaugh :wink2:) see signature for complete hardware specs, anyway these are the main characteristics: Acer Mother board model MA50_HX (Bios: Insyde corp v1.08) Core i3-2377M Built-in HD3000 + nVidia Optimus discreete card nVidia GT640M Atheros AR9462 + NetLink BCM57780 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Standard PS\2 built-in Keyboard + Elan PS\2 Port Smart Pad I've to say that I'm quite good at linux, but completely new to OSX so I'm just starting to understand Kext, smbios and so on... What i've used: 8gb USB stick iAtkos L2 dmg Chimera BootLoader (without this, touchpad isn't recognized during installation) Now that's what I've done: Downloaded iAtkos L2 dmg Installed it on VMWare (just to have a functional OSX for partitioning, restoring images etc), followed that guide that works really stright forward http://ilpico.it/wordpress/?p=2642 (It's in Italian, anyway if someone needs it I can traduce it) From Lion VMWare (or another working Mac OS), mounted the 8gb usb stick Entered Disk Utility, select the USB Stick, in "Partition" tab, selected 2 partition from the dropdown menu (i've used GUID partition table) Selected the first partition and changed size to something like 300-500MB, named it "boot" Selected the second partition and named it "iatkos" Partitioned the usb stick with this partition scheme. mounted iAtkosL2.dmg image in disk utility clicked on the mounted iatkosL2 image, and the in the expanded image Selected restore tab, dragged the expanded iatkosL2 image from the left inside the "source" field, dragged the "iatkos" partition inside the destination field. Proceeded to restore During the restore process, downloaded latest chimera bootloader pkg (i've used Version 1.9.2) When Restore process was complete (about 15-25min), opened the chimera pkg and then doble clicked the installer Proceeded througt the installation and changed the install destination to "boot" partition on my USB Stick When installation finishes, unmount partitions and rebooted At start up, selected the usb stick from boot menu In chimera boot loader, booted the iatkos image with -v GraphicsEnabler=No (otherwise the system tries to use the nVidia Card and cannot boot) Using chimera, when install screen arrives, touch pad was working, so proceeded trought the installation, initialized the partition i've wanted to use (i've used the whole 20GB SSD), selected only PS/2 Kext for making also the kayboard working. Also selected both Atheros driver but didnt' make my wifi card work. After install, booted in arch linux to remove every AppleIntelHD* and AppleIntelSNB* kext, otherwise boot hangs, even with GraphicsEnabler=No rebooted installation processes only for fixing permission trought disk utility Powered off and booted from SSD with GraphicsEnabler=No, this time i was able to reach the mail screen!! entered sytem setting -> chimera bootloader (or maybe it's called chameleon inside the system setting menu', dont remember right now), changed resolution to 1366x768x32, checked the "GraphicsEnabler=No" as boot option That's all, right now didnt apply any extra kext or smbios or dsdt. Now, that's wht's not workig, hoping some one can give me some good tips! - NETWORK: nor Atheros AR9462 nor NetLink BCM57780 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe get detected. Simply no network interface. (En0 not present). Any suggestion here?? I think for the atheros there isnt much we can do, but i think should be possibile to make the ethernet work! - GRAPHICS: Intel HD3000 is recognized as "built in graphics", with only 64MB of memory and no specific Kext used for it. How can I use the intel HD3000 kext and graphicsenabler=yes without having the system tryng to use the nVidia card??? Maybe romoving nVidia Kext and placing back intel HD and Intel SNB??? - INPUT: Keyboard it's ok, touch pad works with basic function (no gesture at all). anyway if I go in system settings -> touchpad, there's no device listed Anyone can suggest some fix for those problems? Should I fix my dsdt (if yes.... HOW??), should I use a smbios different from the stok one inside iAtkos (MacPro3,1)??? Hope this post will be usefull to anyone with this hardware configuration, and hope some good soul will help me fix these issues! Thank you in advance! PES
  15. Hey guys, I have problem of getting my iCloud account locked after each install of macOS, SMBios appear to be working on EveryMac and Apple, but I'm using MacBook Pro 9,2 and previously MacBook Pro 11,2 and same thing again AppleID locked for security reasons. Is there something to do, to change, thanks!
  16. I made my system with i3 haswell refresh , h97 mainboard... and I'm waiting for smbios of iMac 15,1 (5K iMac = iMac 2014 late) When would I get it? ----- CPU : i3 4160 MainBoard : ASUS H97-Pro Gamer RAM : 8GB VGA : XFX HD 7770 Core Edition
  17. Hackintosh Vietnam Tool 1.7.x is a collection of many kexts and tools for Hackintosh. It will help you setup your Hackintosh faster and easier than ever. The tool is mainly for Mavericks, but some can be used for Mountain Lion too. Main features: install and config Chameleon, create Clover config, install and patch kexts, system fixes and tools. Chameleon Bootloader You can install the most popular Chameleon bootloader + FileNVRAM 1.2 with just one click. Predefined org.chameleon.boot.plist and smbios.plist are also included in the tool. Note that some config files may not suit your system, manually tweak your org.chameleon.boot.plist for best result. Clover Config A simple tool to create a config.plist for awesome Clover bootloader. You have to select your CPU and Graphics and the config.plist will be created on Desktop. Note that the Graphics section does not cover all graphics section up to now, You may need to refine your config.plist to suit your system. Kexts Most of the fine kexts are included in the tools, and constantly updated. The kexts cover a wide range of devices from desktops to laptops. Some kext patching scripts are also included to further simplified your install procedure. Fixes and Tools Some of the most useful fixes and tools to help you complete and monitor your Hackintosh: - Chameleon Wizard - DPCIManager - Fermi Freeze Fix - HWMonitor - IASL - IORegistryExplorer - Kext Utillity - Kext Wizard - MacIASL - ShowAllFiles - SSDT Generator All feedback are welcome, and please post your suggestion (kexts, patches). Download http://www.hackintoshosx.com/files/file/3842-hackintosh-vietnam-ultimate-aio-tool/ http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/210-hackintosh-vietnam-tool/ **The tool is based on awesome HP Probook Installer***
  18. I just completed a fresh reinstall of clover, and when I went into post installation I saw the hackintosh was a mac mini. I switched it to Mac Pro 3,1 for flexibility sake and went on with completing the imessage fix and all of the other things I needed to do to get myself back up and running. But, although my SMBios and About This Mac say it is an early 2008 Mac Pro, Finder displays a Mac Mini and iMessage refuses to allow me to send messages to anyone besides myself, even though my account is enabled. Any help?
  19. xXConcasXx


    Salve, Possiedo un Asus N552VW UHD con le seguenti specifiche: Intel Core i7 6700hq con display 15 pollici in 4K Grafica integrata Intel HD 530 Grafica dedicata NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960m 4GB Chipset Intel HM 170 16 GB RAM DDR4 2400 MHz 1 SSD m.2 512 GB 1 HDD SATA 1 TB 1 HDD SATA 1 TB (ho rimosso il masterizzatore) WiFi Broadcom BCM94352Z M.2 NGFF con Handoff e AirPort con i seguenti OS gestiti da un'unica partizione EFI: macOS High Sierra Windows 10 Kali Linux Con tanta pazienza sono riuscito a fare funzionare tutto ad eccezione del lettore SD, Thunderbolt, forse HDMI (non l'ho testato), e FaceTime con iMessage. Ci tengo che sia iMessage che FaceTime funzionino (ho anche chiamato l'assistenza Apple per darli il codice errore e risolvere il problema, peraltro mi hanno fatto il controllo remoto con Apple Care, e con un po di fesserie inventate e la stupidità dell'operatore non si sono accorti che non era un MacBook, tuttavia il problema non è stato risolto)... Stavo pensando, se installassi El Capitan in un'altra partizione con Rt Variables e SMBIOS che uso su High Sierra potrei riuscire ad abilitare FaceTime e iMessage? Da quello che so la percentuale di successo su quella versione è più alta. Vi pongo questa domanda perchè non sono sicuro se sia fattibile e volevo sentire qualche parere in merito. PS: Nel caso sia possibile tutto ciò, quante probabilità ho di riuscire a installare El Capitan con questo hardware (non mi interessa che funzioni tutto, mi basta il minimo indispensabile per avviare l'OS con internet), poi, dove potrei trovare il link di download possibilmente a una build più vecchia possibile?. PSS: Ho già seguito diverse volte An iDiot's Guide To iMessage senza risultato. Grazie per l'attenzione.
  20. Hi folks! I run El Capitan on VB by guide on this forum. Everything works great, but I'd like to do 2 more modifications and I'll be very thankful if you helped me... 1. Adding serials to SMBIOS The main reason I run virtualisation of OSX is that I want to code apps with Xcode - Xcode wants you tu sign in with your Apple ID to sign apps. I've read that in virtualisation, there are no serials/information in SMBIOS, so "Apple" device can't be verified, which outcome is you to unable to login. I found something about Clover and Clover Configurator. I even tried that, but there were just many errors and problem wasn't solved. Can someone give me step-by-step instructions how to do this? 2. Custom screen resolution I think this'll be simpler than 1. but I couldn't find any exact guide. I managed to change resolution by VBoxManage setextradata "El Capitan" VBoxInternal2/EfiGopMode N, but I'd like to have 16:9 res (1920x1080). Is there any way to do it?
  21. I had sleep and everything functioning fine before i switched system definitions a few times and ultimately went back to the classic Mac Pro 3,1. Now my sleep doesn't wanna work, any ideas? I'm on 10.10.2 Yosemite Clover uefi https://vid.me/KR7q What is happening: Hackintosh sleeps the display, and the systems fans keep spinning and functioning as if the system never went into sleep, and my APPLEHDA resets when i "wake up the system" (press a key on the keyboard) as if the computer actually went to sleep
  22. Hello there I'm trying to install iATKOS ML2, so I "burned" it, with TransMac, in my USB flash drive. I installed Clover in another USB flash drive, but the following error appears when I try to boot it: "This version of mac os x is not supported on this platform" After I got this problem I tried with Chimera, but the iATKOS entry doesn't even appear. I read that the changing the SMBIOS file may solve the problem, but I'm not being able to figure this out. I really could use some help, so thanks in advanced!