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OC 0.6.5, Gigabyte Z390 UD, iGPU, Big Sur 11.1, boots to black screen

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I made the installer USB and it seems to boot about the time the Apple Logo would appear.  But the screen just goes blank and no more text or anything.


It creates an error long of some sort in the EFI folder of the USB installer.  It's zipped up below, if anyone knows how to decipher it?  lol


I also used the OC Gen X app to make the EFI file.  Although, I do remember it had an issue which product name of iMac19,1 in the wrong entry.  Not sure of any other entries were wrong in other parts of the config.plist.


Doh!  I forgot to do that.  lol


But good news, it was my frame buffer for iGPU.  I found a guide, but it was way over my head, but luckily I found an EFI for my exact motherboard with integrated graphics setup on GitHub, and I was able to successfully copy the video portion of the config.plist into my config.plist and Viola!  It worked.  Now I need to figure out why I don't have internet.  lol


Thanks for the reply.

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