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Disable macOS Big Sur Beta updates globally? (non-GUI)

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I am using macOS Big Sur on a virtual machine -- under VMware Workstation 16, running on top of Windows 10 Pro OS, 64-bit. Using the BDisp variant of macOS Unlocker.

From one of the very first Betas of macOS Big Sur this year, during the Beta stages of it, I was obviously interested in getting all (or most) new Betas released by Apple during that period.


At one point, I used a Terminal script tool that enabled current/next macOS Developer Betas on a global, system level in my macOS Big Sur VM.


Now that Big Sur is no longer Beta for a few months, I want to STOP getting any Betas until at least the summer of 2021. :)

However, in the Software Update GUI I disabled Betas -- all shows as gone/disabled, yet new macOS Big Sur Betas (such as 11.2) keep being offered & installed.

Does anybody know how to remove that global, non-GUI Beta enrollment setting set so that I stop getting any Big Sur Betas, and get switched to the usual/regular Stable versions instead?

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18 hours ago, Shaneee said:

Have you tried using seedutil?


sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Seeding.framework/Versions/A/Resources/seedutil unenroll



Thanks for your very quick reply, this seems to have worked fine. I did not know if I had to restart the macOS VM, but I did, just in case. :) 

Now I expect when next macOS Big Sur 11.2 version goes out of Beta to Stable/RTM, it should be offered to me, yes?

(If not and I if I have to wait for 11.3 instead it is not a big deal anyway. :)

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