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  1. Yes, I do use latest Unlocker, thanks. Okay, thanks - will try. Nope. These function indeed used to work not reliably as you say - I am using VMware Workstation+Unlocker for over 4 years now - but for the last 1, maybe 2 years this was just fine for me. It IS still fine on newer macOS versions for me recently. I will try what you said on the older ones. One more thing, so that I do not create a 2nd thread, please. Is there a way to check the VMware Tools version I have installed on my Guest OSes? With Windows guest OS, I know how to check but not so on Mac. I see there IS a way to see latest installed versions in the Installed software info, which is kind of what helps, but not exactly.
  2. Bump. No living (breathing & reading!) soul here knows!? Any help, please?
  3. Does this conflict with Unlocker 3.0.2? OR can it be used alongside it?
  4. Oops, sorry - I indeed used version 3.0.1, sorry for not being clear. Thanks for the warning.
  5. You are quite welcome. Sure, will do, although I doubt this can easily change.
  6. Sorry for the delay - it works fine! Tried on 2 PCs, will update 3rd PC too in a bit. EDIT: I used Unlocker version 3.0.1 for VMware Workstation 15, not the older versions.
  7. TWO issues here: Unlike older versions, somehow Automatic VMware Tools update is broken now, was fine in versions 14.x and 12.x. (as you maybe know, the unlucky 13 version number was skipped :)) In those, I could easily & correctly update VMware Tools for my Mac OS Guests - my Host OS is Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise. However, in VMware Workstation 15 it seems VMware Tools for Mac has now branched off into TWO versions - for Mac OS X 10.11 or higher, and for those older. So, issue #1 is this: 1) On all kinds of Mac OS Guests I tried, automatic update now offers a very old VMware Tools from Sept 2016, and not the recent one from 2018! Why? 2) Okay, I used my Evernote skills and found the FTP for direct manual VMware Tools ISO download after a bit of digging around. This works, but only on mac OS 10.11 or newer Guests. I still use Mac OS X 10.10, 10.9 and 10.8, however, so I need this for those also. What is the latest VMware Tools version for those? Will this be not updated by VMware anymore?
  8. I can try today or tomorrow, guys. Will let you know the outcome! Windows 10 user here too.
  9. As in title. Does latest Unlocker unlock version 15 just fine? OR do we stick with version 14.x for now, please? Please let us know.
  10. Thanks, this helps! Finally had some time to try this. What I found though is that VMware Workstation now (?? unsure when this was added) also needs an uncheck of a new Display option for any resolution changing to work at all. Please see screenshot, attached - I had to uncheck this (was checked) for it to work. EDIT #2: A nice touch here is this tool you gave allows setting of any Mac VM resolution size, even arbitrary non-standard ones. Also, on switching to another running/active VM, then back VMware adjusted my macOS Mojave Beta VM display to be a perfect fit (no small black borders I had with manually setting the display size myself). EDIT: It seems this same setting could maybe be the reason for my Windows 7 (one x86/32-bit, one x64) VMs mysteriously reverting to Normal fonts all the time! I will check this now. My 2 Windows 7 VMs kept (keep) wanting to log off to revert to Normal font size after I set a Larger font/DPI. And I want them to be not 100% fonts (Normal) but higher as my screen is 1440p, thus 100% fonts in VMs make any text too tiny for me to read easily.
  11. Zero views!? Does nobody read this forum, please?
  12. I know, but: * Message was unreplied to, so worth replying to. * My reply is still valid, as it is currently still not possible for this to happen.
  13. I am using Windows 10 Enterprise OS, 64-bit as my Host OS - PC has an Intel Core i7 CPU, 32 GBs of RAM. Under that, I am running latest VMware Workstation Pro 14.1.2 with latest Mac Unlocker. Older VMs of mine - I have several - run fine. But this one with macOS High Sierra on it cannot use my screen in full, so using the VM is hard. My screen is 1440p resolution (2560x1440) - a 27" Lenovo - and the VM shows as using resolution of 1278 x 599 (with HiDPI, which was not present in older macOS High Sierra 10.13 versions but is present for a while now). Trying to switch to the full resolution switches for a split-second, then goes back to 1278 x 599 (HiDPI). Exact macOS Sierra version is latest 10.13.6 (was on ..13.5 until a few days ago). As a 2nd issue related to the above, Firefox browser is now unusable in this VM. Firefox renders all web pages with a very enlarged (zoomed in) view, so nothing can be browsed as main GUI parts of every webpage are off-screen, with no apparent way to scroll to them. Even the About Firefox screen does not work, version is off the About window. Version of Firefox is also latest. Any ideas on workarounds for issue #1 and/or #2? Thanks for any replies in advance!
  14. AFAIK, there is no such way. Not even close. You need a real Mac, or a Hackintosh. NOT going to happen on a VM. Even simple & easy games such as Papi Jump do not work. All you may see is game menus. Inside the actual game you will get an error, and/or a completely black (blank) screen, as 3D rendering & acceleration cannot work inside a VM.
  15. Latest Chrome fails, similarly to how Firefox 39 did - then Firefox 40 fixed this. Any ideas if there is a way to fix Chrome, so it works fine again? I assume the issue is due to new Chrome 2D/GPU acceleration, similar to how Firefox had this. Using Host OS - Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit. VMware Workstation version: 12 + latest Mac OS Unlocker. Guest OSes - Mac OS X 10.7-10.10-10.11 (I have them all). CPU: Intel Core i7. RAM: 32 GB DDR3 RAM (4 sticks of 8 GB each).