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  1. Nemes, OKay, I take that back! Sorry, you are indeed correct as my macOS 10.12.6 Sierra VM totally lost any presence/working of VMware Tools when I tried to update it to latest 64-bit Tools from Sept 2019! Checking for the 3 running Kexts shows NONE of them 3 running at all. Now, to fix this, you and VMware seem to say/offer to go back to VMware Tools older 10.3.10 version, which supposedly works on Sierra VMs. However, problem now is I cannot find any such VMware Tools version at all! See here: http://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/fusion/ There are lots of 11.x versions, and many 10.0 and 10.1.x, plus there are older 8.x versions but NO 10.3.x versions listed at all, nor any 10.2.x ones too. Now what, please? Where can I find the mentioned Tools version, please?
  2. fusion71au-- I need more help again. NOTE: This is regarding my macOS 10.12.6 Sierra VM this time. Latest Catalina VM is fine, and works - including resolutions. I updated VMware Workstation to latest 15.5 recently, reapplied the modified non-Donk Unlocker, but my older macOS Sierra VM resolutions are missing again - was fine previously. The steps you gave do not seem to work now - note this is macOS Sierra, not Catalina Beta this time around. I disabled the "whatever Protection", it correctly shows as disabled, then I reinstalled VMware Tools TWICE - once in Safe mode, then again in Normal mode, but VM is still stuck at 1024x768. The command you gave shows this - NO Kexts at all! I.e. not only Graphics Kext missing, ALL of them are missing. Why? Quote: ------- Naki-Sierras-Mac:~ naki-osx10.12$ kextstat | grep -v com.apple Index Refs Address Size Wired Name (Version) UUID <Linked Against> Naki-Sierras-Mac:~ naki-osx10.12$ ---- What shall I do next to fix the resolutions? What did I do wrong? EDIT: I will now try uninstall VMware Tools, reinstall them again. I will let you know how this goes. EDIT #2: In another thread, I am seeing references to latest VMware Tools NOT working properly on macOS Sierra (and older) VMs anymore, is this true? Where can I get the older, working Tools ISO, if so?
  3. Yes, this is only for VMware Workstation, maybe Fusion, but not ESXi.
  4. Works for me too! Using VMware Workstation 15.5 on TWO PCs here now, both unlocked with the supplied unofficial macOS Unlocker. No need to patch any kernel files anymore when updating macOS Catalina to new version/build, as VMware 15.5 version fully supports macOS Catalina now.
  5. In my use, this was of course noticeably slower, but still fast enough to use. As mentioned, is is only done once per new VMware Workstation version release anyway.
  6. Nemes, NO. Even if it is not supported as Host OS, this in no way means it is not supported as a Guest OS. On my desktop PC with Windows 10 and VMware Workstation 15.0.3 here, Sierra works fine including resolutions. (cannot update to 15.5 easily, due to some VMware installer issues). On my laptop, I have latest VMware Workstation 15.5, and Sierra seems broken on my laptop for now, resolutions-wise. I have fixed this on another VM, using the quoted steps. I will try the same on my laptop now, and will let you know how it goes.
  7. fusion71au -- works! Had the time now to try this on my HP Workstation laptop. Updated VMware Workstaion from 15.1 to latest 15.5, then used the unofficial, non-Donk latest Unlocker to unlock again. The Catalina non-Beta/RTM OS VM works great, and updating from the initial to newer version of Catalina RTM worked fine too. Maybe placebo effect or maybe it is real, but I noticed download speed being much faster now. (Usually and up to now I got 5-6 times slower downloads in all my macOS VMs compared to what I can get on the Windows 10 host OS.)
  8. Why are you using unlocker 2.1.1? This is very old. You need the latest one, i.e. Donk's 3.0.2 or the modified, non-Donk Unlocker 3.0.3 version.
  9. Phil88, I am not Donk, but I suggest you do a Repair of your VMware Workstation 15.x installation. You can do this from Control Panel -- Programs and Features. Then, you need to use the modified Unlocker that is NOT from Donk, which was given in this same thread here, a bit above - Donk's latest one *does not* properly work for now, as VMware changed their VMware Tools website downloads format (file type) to a big compressed file, instead of directly downloadable, single small ISO file. The latest VMware Tools Darwin ISO file is inside the compressed file now - the compressed file size is 522 MB. So, the modified Unlocker somebody here has made takes this new change into account and downloads the whole large archive (compressed) file, then decompresses just the needed VMware Tools ISO from it to put into correct location in VMware Workstation installation folder. Due to this the modified Unlocker is also slower than the versions from Donk, but is not too slow, you just need to wait a few minutes for the download & decompressing to happen.
  10. Thanks! Great. Please note I was about to ask what the sentence in your post with the ZIP files means, i.e. the one saying "latest VMware Workstation 15.5 has official macOS Catalina support now". IF what that means is we will no longer need the "gymnastics" with Rescue VM to update the macOS Catalina VM to newer versions/builds, this is great! Guys, now that Catalina RTM is out, we can drop the Beta participation and switch to Stable channel, right? What do you usually do about this? I guess maybe some of you need to be on the "bleeding edge", but I tend to stop the Betas when a RTM comes. (as most of our customers in my work would use a Stable version of macOS anyway)
  11. fusion71au -- can we please get a fixed Kernel/Prelinked Kernel files for the latest 19A602 version from Oct 15th 2019? Seems missing from your list? EDIT: Can somebody fix the damned thread title already?? This mention of Catatalina gets me into a catatonic state every time I see it. To many TA's here. Also, you can drop Beta from the title, we have TWO stable versions already. EDIT #2: I must say, I was eagerly awaiting macOS Catalina RTM to come, so we can "drop the rhythmical gymnastics", but now I am very disappointed. We did NOT have to jump through these hoops updating High Sierra, Mojave all the time!? Updating those was fairly easy & mundane. Do we have to keep turning off, using a Rescue VM until end of time now!? Even if not on the Catalina Beta channel anymore? This is not very convenient, to put it mildly. OR does VMware Workstation 15.5 fix this, please? For several reasons, could not try out 15.5 version of VMware Workstation yet on any of my 3 Windows 10 computers with VMware here (1 other has MS Hyper-V instead). (my main, most powerful remote Windows 10 PC is dead yet again after another botched up Windows 10 update, my 2nd PC I use here has issues with the VMware installer/uninstaller so if left on 15.0.3 version for now, and my laptop works fine, but I have no time to update & unlock with modified Unlocker due to crisis with our Mac Desktop app on Catalina in my work currently)
  12. @Donk-- I am interested in this too. Do you plan to fix your own Unlocker for latest server changes VMware did? If so, is there any approximate ETA for this, please? Please note not only VMware Workstation 15.5 is broken - older versions are too, such as 15.1. I did not check with 15.0.3, 15.0.2, but I assume they may fail likewise, due to the server/Tools download changes VMware did.
  13. Please see THIS thread for a better, fuller (re)solution - read all of it: Works for me!