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  1. Any updates, please? A short reply such as "Cannot do now, will check after New Year's" is fine too! I guess you are very busy now, with recent Christmas holidays and now New Year coming too.
  2. No worries, I understand (I work in software beta testing & tech support, so I know how it works when new projects or new versions are worked on)! Sorry for the delayed reply, due to holidays mostly. 3 RAR files are attached, I included crash dumps too, hopefully those can help also: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AKzgnoHJ-7Wa6yc&id=FD1C79EAFC62357B!65789&cid=FD1C79EAFC62357B Please let me know if these show something of use. (NOTE: The High Sierra files mention Yosemite, because this was a Yosemite VM then upgraded to High Sierra and file names all remained the same.)
  3. Thanks for responding! Yes, I believe I had this Mojave VM suspended and not fully off. IF the fix is so simple, I will try next time a new VMware Workstation gets released. OKay, sure - I will get you THREE ZIP files - one of the working (NEW one I created) Mojave VM, one of the failed VM, and one from a VM of High Sierra too (for comparisonon). I will create these in a bit later today and attach. Thanks for the quick reply once again.
  4. Not an option. Donk, any comments, please? NO, I did not uninstall, this was never necessary, and is unlikely to be necessary now. Please note on update of VMware Workstation to a new version all files are replaced anyway with default non-modified files. Then I patch with the Unlocker, and this works and always had. I need to know why my VM failed and how to fix without any reinstall or uninstall of VMware Workstation. NOTE: I was able to get a new VM of Mojave to work fine, including updating to latest Mojave version/build, but I cannot keep creating new VMs for no good reason if they keep failing this way.
  5. I updated to VMware Workstation 15.0.2 today, was using 15.0.1 previously. Using Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit Host OS - all updates installed, version of OS: 1809. Run the Mac Unlocker as necessary after a VMware update - version of Unlocker quoted in subject, all seemed to go fine as usual. Good, BUT my older VMs work - macOS 10.11, 10.13 for example - and my latest Mojave 10.14.1 is now effectively dead. Fix coming? It showed an error I know well - 2-word "Internal Error" dialog with a red X trying to resume the VM. Trying to resume again showed the error again, as usual. I said OKay, will turn off the VM, then turn it back on. Thus usually always worked! Not this time, VMware said "The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the VM": https://www.dropbox.com/s/zznimh34zljnf7l/Screenshot 2018-11-30 00.29.42.png?dl=0 Turn off, then back on does not work. Reset does not work either. The VM just sits on the Apple logo, NO progress bar of loading anything. NOT good! Any ideas? CPU is an Intel Core i5, 32 GB of DDR3 RAM, plenty of disk space.
  6. Great! Thanks. Thanks for confirming this. Have a nice day/night.
  7. Did not work. Get exactly the same ISO I get as with Update VMware Tools. Namely on mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and older (pre-15 Darwin - Darwin 15 is the one in El Capitan, I found out in Wikipedia) I get VMware Tools from 2016, and on 10.11 El Capitan or newer I get the correct, latest one from Sept 2018 - same as with Update VMware Tools as mentioned. EDIT: More info -- on Yosemite before & after the update I got these versions: Before: version (build-3228253) After: version (build-4448496) On El Capitan and newer I get version listed as: (build-9925305) Great! Thanks, this works.
  8. Yes, I do use latest Unlocker, thanks. Okay, thanks - will try. Nope. These function indeed used to work not reliably as you say - I am using VMware Workstation+Unlocker for over 4 years now - but for the last 1, maybe 2 years this was just fine for me. It IS still fine on newer macOS versions for me recently. I will try what you said on the older ones. One more thing, so that I do not create a 2nd thread, please. Is there a way to check the VMware Tools version I have installed on my Guest OSes? With Windows guest OS, I know how to check but not so on Mac. I see there IS a way to see latest installed versions in the Installed software info, which is kind of what helps, but not exactly.
  9. Bump. No living (breathing & reading!) soul here knows!? Any help, please?
  10. Does this conflict with Unlocker 3.0.2? OR can it be used alongside it?
  11. Oops, sorry - I indeed used version 3.0.1, sorry for not being clear. Thanks for the warning.
  12. You are quite welcome. Sure, will do, although I doubt this can easily change.
  13. Sorry for the delay - it works fine! Tried on 2 PCs, will update 3rd PC too in a bit. EDIT: I used Unlocker version 3.0.1 for VMware Workstation 15, not the older versions.
  14. TWO issues here: Unlike older versions, somehow Automatic VMware Tools update is broken now, was fine in versions 14.x and 12.x. (as you maybe know, the unlucky 13 version number was skipped :)) In those, I could easily & correctly update VMware Tools for my Mac OS Guests - my Host OS is Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise. However, in VMware Workstation 15 it seems VMware Tools for Mac has now branched off into TWO versions - for Mac OS X 10.11 or higher, and for those older. So, issue #1 is this: 1) On all kinds of Mac OS Guests I tried, automatic update now offers a very old VMware Tools from Sept 2016, and not the recent one from 2018! Why? 2) Okay, I used my Evernote skills and found the FTP for direct manual VMware Tools ISO download after a bit of digging around. This works, but only on mac OS 10.11 or newer Guests. I still use Mac OS X 10.10, 10.9 and 10.8, however, so I need this for those also. What is the latest VMware Tools version for those? Will this be not updated by VMware anymore?