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1080p+ Videos Safari Big Sur CPU usage

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Hi there,

I have installed Big Sur on my computer and I noticed high CPU usage when playing 1080p+ videos on both Safari and Chrome.

I'm using a RX 580 as main graphics backed up with my Intel HD 530 internal display activated for computing (as the iMacs do).

Has anyone noticed this behaviour on Big Sur? Is there any adjustment to do?

I'm using OpenCore.



Update :

I realized that playing a video on Catalina (Safari) uses IGPU HD 530 (Good).

The same video uses the CPU directly on Big Sur (Bad).

Link tio video.


Playing on both OS on Safari 1080p60


I haven't any injection of IGPU on my OpenCore config. Decoding may be changed on Big Sur Safari. Don't know if there's something to do to revert to the old behavior.





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