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z77x-ud5h opencore window server CPU usage high / choppy GUI

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just switched over from 10.5 / Clover, figured it was time for OpenCore transition, made installer, got config working, restored from backup onto Big Sur, I have full functionality but I'm getting quite a bit of windowserver process spam coinciding with high CPU usage. After a few days of searching most of the suggestions are to start tossing plist config files but Big Sur doesn't give access to those, I'm at the point of not knowing where to troubleshoot this next, the issue doesn't happen in 10.15, it also doesn't happen on a clean install, I'm desperately trying to avoid a totally clean install as I have a really heavy work environment that is just a pain to re-build everything. I tried to restore only home directory and that triggers this happening again so it's, in my opinion, something carried over from 10.15, just not sure what z77x-ud5h 3770k w/ rx580, power management is active, relatively certain it's not a config issue with OpenCore, ran it overnight on a new install and issue never appeared. issue is annoying enough that it causes major lag in all aspects of using the machine.


if I do "log stream --predicate '(process == "WindowServer")' --debug | grep -v -e BrightnessAttenuationFactor -e 'CoreDisplay is detached' " , the following spams the log rapidly.

WindowServer: (IOHIDNXEventTranslatorSessionFilter) [com.apple.iohid:activity] displayStateFilter policy:1 declareActivity:0 result:0x7fcd9c59b190 event:17 sender:0x1000005d5 eventDelta:0x9a68fd0 deltaMS:0x2c8311 displayState:2 prevTimeStamp:0xbb92ebac6dc eventTime:0xbb9386156ac


if anyone. has any ideas on where to troubleshoot this next, super grateful to hear them. 




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