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  1. just switched over from 10.5 / Clover, figured it was time for OpenCore transition, made installer, got config working, restored from backup onto Big Sur, I have full functionality but I'm getting quite a bit of windowserver process spam coinciding with high CPU usage. After a few days of searching most of the suggestions are to start tossing plist config files but Big Sur doesn't give access to those, I'm at the point of not knowing where to troubleshoot this next, the issue doesn't happen in 10.15, it also doesn't happen on a clean install, I'm desperately trying to avoid a totally clean install as I have a really heavy work environment that is just a pain to re-build everything. I tried to restore only home directory and that triggers this happening again so it's, in my opinion, something carried over from 10.15, just not sure what z77x-ud5h 3770k w/ rx580, power management is active, relatively certain it's not a config issue with OpenCore, ran it overnight on a new install and issue never appeared. issue is annoying enough that it causes major lag in all aspects of using the machine. if I do "log stream --predicate '(process == "WindowServer")' --debug | grep -v -e BrightnessAttenuationFactor -e 'CoreDisplay is detached' " , the following spams the log rapidly. WindowServer: (IOHIDNXEventTranslatorSessionFilter) [com.apple.iohid:activity] displayStateFilter policy:1 declareActivity:0 result:0x7fcd9c59b190 event:17 sender:0x1000005d5 eventDelta:0x9a68fd0 deltaMS:0x2c8311 displayState:2 prevTimeStamp:0xbb92ebac6dc eventTime:0xbb9386156ac if anyone. has any ideas on where to troubleshoot this next, super grateful to hear them.
  2. kdp

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio

    So essentially, patching the SSDT into the DSDT. Makes sense, I've tried to manually patch this in, and I can get it to where it compiles without error but the HDAU doesn't initiate. Troubleshooting why is beyond me, if anyone thinks they can do this quickly I would certainly appreciate the help. SSDT-HDMI-NVIDIA-PEG0.aml DSDT.aml
  3. kdp

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio

    Awesome, this worked, both monitors are showing up, I have both HDMI Audio as well as onboard audio working. So now I have the question, I have been using the same DSDT.aml for 5 years, it was the single file with all edits done to it. It's worked flawlessly for me over the years so I haven't kept up much with what's the current method of doing things. The DSDT had edits that made things show up under PCI. If I use that DSDT that section populates with all PCI devices, currently it's only showing my GPU. I'm pretty sure the edits I had applied were directly from your repo years ago, so my question; How do I apply those edits now with a dsdt.aml file, do I need to have individual ssdt patches in the patched directory now for all the patches the clean compile patch did? If so how do I acquire those?
  4. kdp

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio

    10.13.5 Z77X-UD5H 3770K 960 Just migrated from 10.12, I have had HDMI audio via DSDT working since 10.11 and upgraded from AppStore since. I'm assuming DSDT directly method no longer works. I've tried multiple things, the current solution I'm on is the clover HDMI script to install the SSDT. I'd like to get this working as well as the onboard audio but HDMI audio is a priority. I have 2 displays both working on DP>HDMI adapter cables. Would greatly appreciate any help. z77x-ud5h-960.zip
  5. Sierra is working fine for me. Upgraded directly from the App Store
  6. Never mind my post about not being able to boot the installer usb. I did some reading and saw they changed the USB stack, moving usb ports did the trick.
  7. hmm, yeah my setup works just fine, and has for multiple OS upgrades, just can't get the installer to boot. No clue why the installer won't boot. Maybe it's my gtx960...
  8. Any of you gentlemen have a config that is working for El Capitan installer? My current one that has worked for 3 years now doesn't seem to be able to boot the installer. I guess I'm out of the loop as I haven't done a fresh install in quite some time. Would love a response with a working config to boot the installer and / or instructions for post install.
  9. I can't seem to get the installer to boot. Is something new needed with El Capitan? I've been using the same config for 3 versions now and have updated directly from the app store, but now I want to do a fresh install. My current config with Yosemite won't boot the installer usb. Can you share a config that will boot the installer?
  10. Sorry for the late response, super long night last night. reflashed bios / reinstalled 10.10, installed arch on a dual boot, built web server, vpn, etc.. I appreciate the time you took to post the file, many thanks.
  11. or whatever is the latest bios people are using. I haven't made any changes here in a couple years now. I was assuming that was the newest.
  12. yeah, I'm going to tear down this machine and redo it, I have the bios file just fine, I just don't have access to windows to add the firewire.efi to the bios, the console errors will drive me bat{censored}. I suppose I could fumble around and see if there's linux tools for that. I do have an arch install...
  13. can someone post this again please? link is dead, I don't have access to windows to edit the bios file myself
  14. heh.. I just came here to make sure you were aware of this, yeah I'm getting more states now too, haven't seen any boot issues yet though, but I just changed it, will let you know if they arise / what I do about it.
  15. I'll look into this in a bit, in the mean time, I think maybe we should look into whether or not these things are reporting CPU states properly. MSRDumper is reporting the same thing you're reporting for me, despite the fact that other things are reporting other states. So it's possible something with 10.10 has changed this. I've personally witnessed this SSDT file spit out at least 3 states in the "20's" range, which it is not doing with MSRDumper currently. I'll let you know if I find anything.
  16. How are you verifying your CPU states? just HW Monitor or are you watching them in console?
  17. Try just sticking with the iMac smbios, the macmini causes other problems with quicktime, hardware acceleration. I'm using iMac with more states than I had with the mac mini smbios, I just use SSDT to generate more. I have the 3770k also, put the ssdt in the acpi / patched folder along where you dsdt is https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvp6zwf0tb1r6rp/SSDT.aml?dl=0 That's mine I'm sharing, or generate your own with the script.
  18. Yeah, I've just given up on sleep, everything works fine with sleep disabled. This computer is a media server for multiple households as well so it's not doing much sleeping as it is anyway.
  19. I'm having similar issues as some of you with USB, but it's only after sleep. I've upgraded from the App Store since Lion, and I've never experienced any issues. It's always been the case for me that sleep inevitably breaks something, some people can live with it, or never notice, for me sleep always made console spit cpu errors and cause audio clicks and interruptions, so I resorted to just not having sleep going at all. Power management and speedstep always worked fine so it wasn't a huge deal for me. Now the computer is sleeping on it's own, despite me having it set not to, audio preferences are not sticking and some audio devices (like HDMI audio) just disappear for me. So I'm guessing that maybe my issues can be resolved with deleting some power mangagement plists prefs and maybe seeing if that stops the computer from sleeping. Does anyone know what .plists specifically dictate the sleep preferences?
  20. I must be far out of the loop on this one, sorry to steer topic, but would you care to elaborate or share a link on how the bootloader is being bypassed now? Is there a thread on this?
  21. I don't use windows at all for anything, just linux and os x, but from what I'm reading windows 7 needs CSM, windows 8 does not.
  22. people who can't get windows to boot with CSM off, does your GPU have a UEFI GOP bios? yes I think this is related to SMB sharing with windows, will disable that and see if it continues. edit: that didn't fix it, seems even legit mavericks users are experiencing this console spam: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5518377 there are multiple threads about it. ________ While we're discussing errors. Has anyone gotten this with Mavericks? I can't use the entire mouse system preference pane, sometimes this loads and is jumbled garbage then crashes, sometimes it locks the machine up entirely.
  23. This seems to have worked perfectly for me, no more firewire efi in drivers folder, firewire works fine without it, not seeing any console spam after sleep.
  24. not here, and not sure why sleep would take so long to recover. mine takes about 3 seconds from a mouse button press or keypress from natural sleep or forced sleep.
  25. smbios is handled in config.plist, you're saying you can't edit the clover config? are you using the OEM folder?