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Can't boot into Big Sur installation | Clover 5120

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So I've been trying to update to Big Sur from Catalina but I get stuck at the +++ message at the beginning. I made sure I have all my kexts and drivers updated. Updating to Clover revision 5126 would only get me kernel panics. Am I doing something wrong? Any response would be greatly appreciated. EFI


ASUS Zenbook UX331FN

Intel Core i5-8265U

Intel UHD 620

Clover 5120



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You 100% cannot use Clover 5120. Has to be Clover 5124+, or switch to OpenCore. Clover 5124+ adds a lot of new quirks from OpenCore, which you'll want to go through the OpenCore documentation for (or look through the Dortania OpenCore guides to help figure out which ones you need).

Imo, it's probably a better move to switch to OpenCore mostly for things like macOS secure boot, actual thought put into security, and I find it easier to use. That's just my two cents though

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