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[SOLVED] Stuck on loading bar (sometimes)

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I recently switched to OpenCore 0.6.3, and it works almost perfectly fine. Sometimes at boot, however, the 2nd loading bar (which leads to the desktop) gets stuck and the desktop never appears. Since the HDD LED blinks a lot I know it's doing something. Can you help me to make it boot reliably?




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-1TB NVMe for macOS
-256GB SSD for Windows 10

-1TB SSD for Windows games

-4TB HDD for macOS time machine


Never had this issue with Clover though.


It appears that a defective SATA cable or port on the HDD (not even boot drive) caused the issue. It didn't happen again since I swapped cables and ports yet. I will keep an eye on that though.


The freezes started happening again, even more often. It wasn't a hardware failure. Ultimately, I started from scratch setting up OpenCore again, and I was very careful about ACPI. The issue now is completely gone. :-)
Even updated to Big Sur, no problem!

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solution found!
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