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VoodooHDA vs AppleALC/AppleHDA

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Since there appears to be a problem with uploading this reply to a user experiencing a problem it is being posted as a new topic.


If you are not using the AppleALC kext to modify the stock AppleHDA, consider doing so.


The VoodooHDA kext has volume limitations and with AppleALC method your audio output is automatically detected in Big Sur, if you intend to upgrade from Catalina.


If you are using VoodooHDA and any other related helper kexts remove them and make sure your AppleHDA is the stock version for your release.


Download and install ProperTree from github to edit your config.plist.


If you run linux open a terminal and enter lspci -k to see your pci configuration.


Add AppleALC kext to the kernel section of Open Core's config.plist.  Make sure AppleALC is in the OC kexts folder.  Make sure to enter the correct layout-id and related information in the Open Core DeviceProperties PciRoot key for your audio.


Verify if components are working in System Properties audio panel.

AppleALC has much better audio quality than VoodooHDA. Some scenes, VoodooHDA is easy to use and can avoid some troubles such as stuck booting on injecting layout id during IRQ duplication.


As one sentence, use AppleALC as much as possible.

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