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Some observations concerning 11.0.1 20B5012d


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Looks like the rules have changed so here is the post that would have been better included in the Big Sur pre-release category.


Have not reached the lofty 50 post threshold yet but have thought it better to post when there is something to say rather than having to say something.


Some observations concerning 11.0.1 20B5012d.


ASR appears to now be able to replicate Big Sur to a backup medium without failure within recovery mode.  UUIDs are distinct from the original meaning that the backup does not appear twice in Disk Utility, but in its own container.  However, the backup fails to boot (from external) under the same version of Open Core (0.6.2) that boots the original without problems.  The backup does boot into recovery (from external) in Open Core menu.   


Brew's ntfs-3g 2017.3.23_3 does not mount NTFS volumes with all files and folders visible.  You can use a prior Catalina Version, although it may be necessary to copy mount_ntfs directory to sbin.


If you are using automator with brew's ext4fuse to create a clickable desktop app for read-only access to ext volumes you can eliminate app execution failure notices by using the exact ext4fuse path in your automator script where x in diskxsy is your ext disk/volume and y is the slice.  Create the mount directory ext under your Users name directory and substitute your user name for bigsuruser in the example automator script below:


do shell script "sudo  /usr/local/Cellar/ext4fuse/0.1.3/bin/ext4fuse /dev/diskxsy /Users/bigsuruser/ext -o allow_other" with administrator privileges


Link to desktop: sudo ln -s ~/ext ~/Desktop/ext

Make sure finder is configured to show hard disks on the desktop.

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