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Can't boot with dual monitors attached


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Hi, everyone. I have my Hackintosh almost 100% working except for one minor issue that I can't seem to resolve.


I have two monitors connected via DP->HDMI cables (no DP inputs on my monitors). If I boot with just one of them connected, everything works and I can connect the other one after booting. But if I try to boot with both connected, I get stuck with a black screen after the

IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLock...

message, before the Apple logo and progress bar appear.


I have tried all the fixes I could find from the OpenCore install guide and WhateverGreen's FAQs, including:

  • CSM both on and off in BIOS
  • Patching VRAM
  • Patching connector type to HDMI
  • Adding -igfxmlr boot argument


Anything else to try? The system is still perfectly usable, but it's annoying having to disconnect a monitor any time I need to reboot.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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What resolution(s) are you running for each monitor if you are using independent displays as opposed to a composite desktop?


How much video memory do you have available?


Enough to initialize both devices at the same time?


Try significantly lowering the resolution of one or both monitors.

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