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Help needed for booting into VM using Linux KVM


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Thanks everyone for the work and I am hoping that someone could my problem of this. I am trying to install Macos using KVM in Linux.


I have been using these two open source projects for achieving this in my Laptop that according to their rules supports the installation procedure even though it doesn't provide a graphic acceleration which is fine for me because I am hoping to use this VM only for writing purposes. Pretty basic software that doesn't require any graphic acceleration.


Here are the two kvm resources I was talking about.






One uses clover and other one uses open core to boot into macos.


My problem is :


1) These kvm packages use .img file to boot into vm. According to the procedure we are required to download a BaseSystem.dmg from python scripts such as GibMacOS to and then convert that .dmg to .img using dmg2img,qemu-img so that we can boot into the disk Macos installer and download the whole operating system.


2) My problem is unfortunately I have a very unreliable connection especially when it is downloading from the apple servers. Before posting this I have already tried to download the file for 4 times which it stopped midway due to bad bandwidth reasons.


What I want to achieve?


I want to know whether there is a way to create an offline .img from the existing Macos installer ( .app that is downlaoded from the mac store) so that it will be detected in the clover or opencore boot menu for installing macos in offline state.


What did I try to do?


1) First I tried to convert using diskutil installationmedia to create a .dmg file and then converted according to instructions to convert into an .iso file. I saw that both .img and .iso are some how have same file structures but only with a different extension. I tried to rename the file but it did not get detected


2) I used hdutil to convert into .img and exported it to linux which also doesnt work.


3) In the same way I exported the .dmg file and tried to convert it using dmg2img and qemu-img but they are showing that .dmg is corrupt. I couldnt completely understand this ( maybe I am using diskutil in VM?).


4) I even tried to look at the installer by using the show package content options and found out InstallESD.dmg with more than 4,2 gb memory and copied it to linux to convert into .img. This time it converted to .img flwalessly but for some reasons it is still being undetected by the clover. opencore kvm I was trying to use to install the Macos.


Opencore bootloader shows No boot entries for the files I was using.


TLDR: It would be a great help if anyone could help me to create a .img file that can boot into clover or opencore bootloader to install Macos completely offline in the qemu-kvm in Linux operating system as I have a very bad internet connection to download from the apple servers.


Thanks for your help.

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You can use these video instructions to create a macOS USB installer:
Video tutorial


and read here: https://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/create-a-macos-installation-disk-on-linux/


how to run macos VMware on linux, see here

how to run macos KVM on linux, see here


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