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I successfully installed MacOS Catalina on this machine it booted after it. Keyboard, ethernet, touchpad, battery status was working. Only that was broken was wifi...


Sadly after reboot out of the blue it stop to work completly. Displays kernel panic. I didnt change anything.

panic 2cpu 2 caller userspace watchdog timeout no successful checkins from com.apple.logd in 120 seconds


This is my first Hackintosh.  I have complety no idea what should I do now. :-(

Maybe you could help me, Im attaching my EFI config... I used OpenCore to install.


Intel Core i7-4702MQ
Intel HD Graphics 4600 / Nvidia 760M


Thank you.


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2 minutes ago, Streets said:

Do you use verbose mode to see where it stops? 


No, i m completly noob. Didint know what to do and found insteuctions about using opencore and it workes. But for uknown reasons Stop after reboot and cant boot anymore. I would rather like to resolve problem with opencore Because its actually installed.. And i dont have anymore USB stick with clover

12 hours ago, Streets said:

Try this EFI


Thank you! It finally boot! What did you do?

Now i See i have something broken with graphic card. It only have 7mb memory. Also there is no sound.



I fixed audio by myself.

Only thing that is broken now is graphic card and brightness change. Which I dont now how to fix. :-/

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I made completely new EFI from the beginning and graphic card is working. Now I only have broken sound.

When I add to boot option alcid=28 (or any other number) its not booting, kernel panic.

This is the last thing that need fix.


Attached broken config.plist with added alcid option.  Do you have any idea what could cause problem here?



Fixed by installing VooDooHDA.


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Hello tosziro,

I have the Acer V3 772g with i5-4200m, VA40 mainboard and non-useable Nvidia 750m. I'm going to try opencore on this. I will most propably have to compare to an exsisting Efi-folder to advance and sort out problems. Would you mind sharing your latest EFI? Which Catalina was it? I have appstore 10.15.6. Thanks in advance, would appretiate a lot.


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