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 Hi !

I recently installed Catalina on my laptop HP 15-AC122TU , which unfortunately has Broadcom Wifi module attached below.

I searched it it docent seem to be compatible.


Secondly, I have a USB wifi. I know it was supported on Mojave but its software doesn't seem to working on Catalina.

is there any way for it to work?

(PS: Please do check my unbuild wifi if its compatible I might be wrong.)


802.11 n WLAN: (USB)
  Product ID: 0x7601
  Vendor ID: 0x148f
  Version: 0.00
  Serial Number: 1.0
  Speed: Up to 480 Mb/s
  Manufacturer: MediaTek
  Location ID: 0x14200000 / 7
  Current Available (mA): 500
  Current Required (mA): 160
  Extra Operating Current (mA): 0


BCM43142A0: (in built)
  Product ID: 0x216d
  Vendor ID: 0x0a5c  (Broadcom Corp.)
  Version: 1.12
  Serial Number: D85DE2A8A5BA
  Speed: Up to 12 Mb/s
  Manufacturer: Broadcom Corp
  Location ID: 0x14400000 / 4
  Current Available (mA): 500
  Extra Operating Current (mA): 0


What Broadcom wireless device is fitted to that laptop? What you listed is the accompanying Bluetooth module, it's clearly a combo card...


Afaik, old Mediatek MT7601 remains supported in Catalina; you just need the right driver and app. Lookup @chris1111's USB adapters packaged driver set.



Hey Hervé, 

Thanks for reply! I have installed @chris1111's module given here, and yet it detects wifi , connects but doesn't give internet access.

Also sorry I saw in your guide and yes my wifi module is integrated with bluetooth and is not supported. But the guide is of wifi modules can get at least bluetooth working?

I have BCM43142 (wifi)

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Chris can you help here?
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@Hervé sorry for tagging,

I need your help. I have here two 1/2 mini pcie wifi cards can you tell if they are supported for my system? I did a lot of research but could't find it. Also I can't see if the first pic is supported, but second pic is surely supported (saw in your forum) by Catalina but I can't find if they are supported hardware wise. Also I have BCM43142 now in my laptop.


2120424996_Screenshot2020-10-05at1_33_39PM.png.51511296073227d7a96b8a24b406bf15.png    75896312_Screenshot2020-10-05at1_33_16PM.png.e1cfa5588a0423888d8d57ca3b35740e.png     

  This 1'st one is for                                                                

DELL INSPIRON 3521 3537 5521 5537 5421 5423

as said on website

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DW1705 is based on Atheros chip AR9565. It's listed in the inventory I linked above... 'best avoided in my opinion. Atheros AR9565 never was natively supported and always required a specially re-written Atheros40 kext. I've no idea if this remained properly supported beyond High Sierra and even then, there were issues; I've seen many many people writing about support being lost and only very few saying it was (mostly without evidence).


Your 2nd card with reference 05GC50 is based on same Atheros AR9565 chip so same comment...



I suggest you install a 1/2 mini-PCIe card that's either natively supported or easily supported after patching/adjustment as detailed in the inventory I linked above.


If you consult my inventories with due attention, you'll see that BCM43142 never was supported.

It would make no sense to me to purchase a DW1506. If you read the inventory properly, you'll see that AR9485 chip, like AR946x, requires the same treatment as AR9565. Find a supported Broadcom card or an Atheros card that was previously fully natively supported (eg: AR9280, AR9283).

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