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OC: the driver HfsPlus.efi cannot be loaded at 0 - Unsupported!

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“OC: the driver HfsPlus.efi cannot be loaded at 0 - Unsupported!”

I have followed all the guides from Opencore official Github to prepare the USB installer (I attemp to install High Sierra since my GPU is Nvidia) (My hardware is already running High Sierra using Clover), I got that message after succesfully obtained the SSDT-HPET.aml and edited the config.plist

After reading on the web, I replaced the HfsPlus.efi by VBoxhfs-64.efi: Voilá I was able to boot with the Opencore USB, reached the installer fine: trying to do a test install in a HDD the drive shows as “greyed” and the installer says “cannot be installed since your system does not have a firmware partition”


Any help will be highly appreciated.




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