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Thinkpad T510 - Catalina Installation Support

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Hello 2 everybody

Can someone give me helpfully links to an installation of Catalina on a Lenovo Thinkpad T510.

Or what is the latest currently working macOS for an Lenovo T510 with an i5 and integrated GPU (Intel)?

Because the Links in the old threads are not working anymore.

Thank you very much :)

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It's an Arrandale laptop with 1st gen Intel HD graphics therefore officially unsupported since Mojave given that this old iGPU is not compatible with Metal.


Up until 10.15.3, you could have made your own manual installation then proceeded with post-installation tuning for graphics in order to get OpenGL-only graphics acceleration but, afaik, that no longer works since 10.15.4. As such, you'd have to use dosdude1's Catalina patcher to install Catalina and get your 1st gen Intel graphics supported.


You can lookup dosdude1's Catalina patcher at MacRumors or on Google and, of course, refer to the well-known 1st gen Intel Graphics bible thread here at IM.


If you want fully supported graphics acceleration, you'd have to stick to High Sierra which is the last macOS version to officially support 1st gen Intel HD graphics.


Be prepared for a struggle because it's not going to be an easy installation. Good luck.

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