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I'm trying to enable UHD 620 graphics on my laptop since it's almost impossible to use Catalina with it disabled (freezing), so after I followed this guide, every time I try to boot into Catalina it does get stuck at the apple logo and progress bar. Heres also the EFI if anyone wants to look at. I'm using this UHD 620 plist to try to get my graphics to work.


ASUS Zenbook UX331FN


Intel UHD Graphics 620

8GB of SDDR4 Ramimageproxy.php?img=&key=c17464ef1b1b51c7



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This is most likely happening because you've not renamed your DSDT's Embedded Controller (or injected an "EC" device). Your patched DSDT currently shows 2 x devices with "PNP0C09" HID: H_EC and EC0. These would need to be renamed to "EC" as known and documented since last year. Lack of "EC" device causes boot freeze.

I don't know how you could possibly miss these 2 x instances of Embedded Controller in the DSDT located in the CLOVER/Patched folder of the zipped EFI you posted...


Looking further into your setup, I'm not certain the graphics properties you inject are correct for UHD 620. I would also question some of these unusual kext you inject. Start with the basics (VirtualSMC & PlugIns, Lilu, WEG, AppleALC, PS2 controller) and add further kexts one by one as you go along.


You also appear to use an NVME SSD; be aware that not all such SSDs are supported, some Samsung are notorious for causing issues and must be avoided/replaced due to incompatibility. You can search the Net/forums about this, there are lists of compatible/incompatible NVME SSDs.

Trying to search PNP0C09, H_EC and EC0 got me no results on my MaciASL. I don't know how you found it but mine cant find it.


EDIT: I see that I needed to decompile it first, I apologize for my noviceness lol



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