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Sleep Not Working - Surface Pro 4 (10.15.5)


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EDIT: did more digging and moved to a more appropriate forum


Hi all, I've got my Surface Pro 4 (i5) up and running with 10.15.5 (OC 0.6) and everything works perfectly fine with the exception of sleep.


Invoking sleep via apple menu appears to work fine, i.e. the display turns off, playback pauses on any media, etc. however the machine does not actually go to sleep. "Sleep"/wake works with the lid as well, but in either case the machine doesn't actually go to sleep.


Comparing pmset -g log to my other hackintosh laptop that has sleep/wake working correctly, everything looks good from the point of the display turning off, however at the point where the working laptop prints

Entering Sleep state

in the log, the SP4...prints nothing. There's nothing in the log until the point a few minutes later when I woke the system to check the logs and see if it actually went to sleep.


EFI folder and pmset log output attached. Hopefully someone smarter than me can help me figure this out. Thanks in advance!

EFI 2.zip


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