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Hackintosh on AMD FX-8350 possible.?


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My PC config - 

CPU:AMD FX-8350,

GPU: AMD R9 290 (I also have a spare Nvidia R9 2070 graphics card),

Motherboard: Asus m5a99x evo r2.0,

Ram: 32gb.? Is Hackintosh this possible on this hardware. Please suggest.!!

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Welcome to InsanelyMac.com :)

This section is for installation guides your topic will be moved to the AMD section.


To answer your question none of your GPUs are supposed natively under macOS but you can use you AMD GPU (R9 290) with few tricks by using a Fake ID for AMD R9 290X which is 100267b0 under Clover and using FixDisplay ACPI fix or using a SSDT for spoofing the R9 290X GPU settings under OpenCore.

About the CPU you can also use OpenCore and Clover but I don't have any experience regarding AMD Hacks.


About the 2070 GPU there is no support in macOS, none what so ever.

I think OpenCore is the best option for running macOS on your specs.


Good luck.

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@viker_14 I guess it is your first time you heard about hackintosh, right? I suggest you to read more about, hackintosh science is not an exact science, which is meaning that it might work differently on certain config. 

What @Cyberdevs replied to you emerges from several technical words, which may seem quite strange to a novice.

We have several AMD sections (for each different macOS version), you can always take a look. We also have the search feature which can always help you find similar topics. Anyway, good luck with your first hackintosh.



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