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Opencore Boot Time > 2m


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Hi, I have a small problem with my Open core Hackintosh build.
I actually got EFI from someone on the internet and tweaked it a bit so I could get up and running.
Here is my EFI.
My laptop boots fine but while booting, it shows the apple logo for the first 5 seconds, then goes blank for 2-3minutes and then I see apple login screen.
This happens every time. I tried a few config edits but didn't work.
Can someone look into my EFI and suggest any necessary changes that can improve boot times?

Thanks in advance 

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Hi @En0r1m , 

Bios Settings :
Network boot, Fastboot and Secure boot disabled
Vt-D and Vt-X disabled

I have already uploaded the EFI folder.
Can you be more specific as to what more details do you need ?

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