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AsusNBFnKeys.kext DSDT.aml in Catalina 10.15.5

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Been getting an error where the transducer is invalid and causing problems.


 shows up as a warning in kernel logs:

kernel: (AppleACPIPlatform) ACPI Warning: \_SB.ATKD.INIT:

kernel: (AppleACPIPlatform) Insufficient arguments - Caller passed 0, method requires 1


this is I think causing malfunction


I've  attached DSDT and the Kext and the boot.txt


Invalide transducer






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that is a warning not an error. an i presume its the kext calling _sb.ATKD.Init ? as i could see it used in the DSDT.


there is some bad code in the ARPT device


and i am not sure the OOSI Method for version specific function is impllemented properly. 

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Posted (edited)

not sure how to do the OOSI no instructions from this end.  OOSI was a clover patch. 


Wifi patch was due to using 6.3 causing this error. I didn't see it before and then changed it to just one. This is what I was mentioning about the patches incorrectly being written.  The app should have recognized it?  Because it compiled.


the battery patch was messed up as well. allover the place and did not write it correctly. Left things a mess. Causing my batter to drain and die.  messing up the power as well.

PNLF as well.  A few others for the FN keys, a few others causing problems. I think the DSDT editing 

causes more issues as it tries to solve one.  Hack.

Bits and pieces.  Hack.


The SB.ATKD.INI is complaining about the FNkeys.kext about an invalid transducer thing.

sometimes the touchpad comes online and sometimes it doesn't.  The code is old and I'm not xcode person. nor a progammer, but if I had instructions and a manual I could take the time to find the problem and possibly correct it.


So I pulled a DSDT from Sierra days and running it after decompiling. But still have some issue.


Crazy thing about EC.  I got it to where AppleAPCIE did not attach to PNP, then I found a new idea and well it attached.  Now cannot get the thing to unattach even with the SSDT-EC that I used previously. Weird.


SSDT-ED for faking out system and for USB power, but not just USB on laptops, it runs all the power to the devices. When it attaches to EC0 on DSDT PNP this > com.apple.driver.AppleACPIEC

it causes freezes and display problems.

It is not supposed to attach to PNP device in DSDT.

It is supposed to attach to EC the fake one.


Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 11.25.05 PM.png

Edited by makk

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