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M.2 NVMe advice needed.

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Hi peeps,


I have stumbled on some confusion regarding the controllers on the M.2 NVMe's, where i've read that some of them are not very reliable.


As i am not much familiar with them, i would like to ask you guys for:

  • Good options for a M.2 NVMe (PCIe) SSD in 2280 format with the best compatibility in mind. Capacity and speed are really not that important, as i will use it on a Skylake Laptop (i5-6200U), so anything upgrading from my current M.2 SATA will be a nice boost. This is where i am planning to load macOS at.
  • Any option for a M.2 NVMe (PCIe) SSD in 2242 format. I have a spare M.2 interface where a WWAN card was supposed to be, only for the 2242 format. While it supports only PCIe x1, i plan to load Windows 10 on it. Asking just in case if there are better options "controller" wise, as there doesnt seem to be much brands doing them.


Thanks in advance.


EDIT: just noticed the sticky thread. I really thought i was on the right place.

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Not all NVME SSDs are compatible with/supported by macOS.


2280 models usually are 4 x lanes so maximum speed can be expected. Samsung EVO 960/970 (Plus or not) are usually a most excellent choice. Other Samsung like the 841 or 851 model (just can't remember which) cause problem so stay away from them. I own a EVO 960 and it's working great.


2242 models usually are 2 x lanes so much reduced speed. Those work well too and, being less common, I've not heard much about problems. Given you intend to use that for windows, pick whatever catches your needs. I own a Toshiba RC100 and it does the biz for what I wanted.


Be very careful with that WWAN slot; it may be Key B and therefore capable to physically host a 2242 M.2 SSD Key B but that does not guarantee at all that the slot supports an SSD. Check your computer documentation 1st.


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Thanks a lot for your response once again. And my apologies for having asked this on the wrong board, really struggled to point it on the right one.


So, regarding the 2280's, i was recently confused by a chatter somewhere where i read that certain controllers seem to be better than certain others, and i'm struggling to remember which were which, but i think it's a comparison between Phoenix and Phison controllers. The 970 Plus was my top choice so far, but just needed to confirm that it's the best choice compatibility wise.


Regarding 2242's, the supposed WWAN port supports all 2242 SSD's, but only the PCIe/NVMe ones are bootable, so that is confirmed, and so is that it seems capped to x1 speed, but that's more than enough for Windows. The problem that i faced with here are brands that i am not familiar with. Kingspec, Netac and Lexar seem to be the biggest names, and just recently stumbled on Toshiba too which i most probably will go with considering it's the only brand i am familiar with.


Again, thanks for your input.

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