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battery SSDT+SMCbatterymanagement.kext prevent my pc to boot

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Hello everyone i have a sony vaio svd1321Z9E intel i7-4500U/4400HD and 8G of ram and using opencore 5.6
I made a battery patch following rehabman tutorials and i think the patch looks good, but when i try to load it with the kext my pc won't boot to the home menu.

Like i it does the verbose boot then show me a grey glitchy screen with scattered apple logo.

Normally it should give this screen then immediately turn into a black apple loading screen (still glitchy) and then return back to normal once it boot into the desktop menu of mac os. (my gpu problem that i never managed to fix but doesn't bother me)

I would like to know how i could debug and solve this problem. Any help is appreciated.
Here are my DSDT, config and my battery patch





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