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Can't start MacOs installer

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Hello everyone!

(I posted in High Sierra but I have the same problem with Mojave)
After booting Clover from usb and selecting "Boot MacOS installer ...", I get stuck at the screen that follows (black background, apple in the center and empty progress bar).

Already tryed all bios configurations but that Asus bios seems limited to me (images attached), maybe the cause could be there?
For example I'm quite certain I've disabled RAM remap feature on other system to allow macos boot but here is not possible...
In other bioses i remember a lot more options to deactivate (like boot failure guard, spread spectrum, enhanced halt state, cpu thermal throttling, intel speedstep, on demand clock modulation, memory remap feature etc)  

Have any advices?

this system has a Intel x5460 cpu with LGA771 socket phisicaly modified to fit on my motherboard (LGA775 HP IPIBL-LB Benicia).
The microcodes of the motherboard were updated so the bios (and Windows too) recognizes the cpu and works like it was officialy supported my the motherboard so I don't think this mod should be the cause;
I also tested this x5460 cpu on another LGA775 motherboard (AsRock G31M-S) and succeeded with both Mojave and High Sierra hackintosh, so macos is compatible with the socket mod and with that cpu too;
finally I also tested my motherboard (HP IPIBL-LB Benicia) with another cpu (Intel E5300) and again succeeded with both Mojave and High Sierra hackintosh so my motherboard is compatible too.


PC specs
Intel Xeon x5460 cpu
HP IPIBL-LB Benicia motherboard
Asus GT710 graphic card
4GB DDR2 ram
Clover version 2.4k
rev 4862 build 2019-01-25 for Mojave,
rev 4428 build 2018-04-06 for High Sierra





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I'd be interested on what you used to install the Mac operating systems on the G31M board, I have found that no one has been able to do that yet. The G31M chipset (ICH7) doesn't have the ahci option. making it almost impossible to install anything higher than Mavericks on.


What @ameris cyning says is possible and could possibly work. that is the only option that I could see as well.

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