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  1. ameris cyning

    NEWS FLASH: Apple switching away from Intel

    The A-series are based upon the ARM architecture. Apple has used them in the iPhone and iPad for several years now. AMD and Intel release x86 chips. They have their differences, but they are incredibly similar. However MacOS cannot boot off of an AMD processor OOB. One needs a modified kernel to get it to work. I assume that any probs associated with the A Series chips could be overcome by our talented developers.
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-02/apple-plans-to-move-from-intel-to-own-mac-chips-from-2020
  3. ameris cyning

    Apple unveils "macOS High Sierra"

    Besides Metal 2, this really doesn't look to be a substantial release. I wonder how this bodes for the future of the Mac.
  4. ameris cyning

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Guess who's back?
  5. ameris cyning

    Kernal Panic iDeneb 10.5

    Why 10.5?
  6. ameris cyning

    Kernal Panic iDeneb 10.5

    ‭‮(Ω_Ω)Why are you trying to install 10.5 on a computer made after 2009? First off, go into the BIOS and make sure that AHCI is selected as the SATA Mode And for future reference, please post your specs.
  7. ameris cyning

    Clover General discussion

    Hi guys! Haven't been around for a bit. I am curious, is there anyway one could configure an SMBios to appear as it were a Chromebook, and install Chrome OS on it? Bringing this up because some Chromebooks now allow for Android app installs.
  8. I figured it out OS X is using the wrong pixel format resulting in a wash-out looking image. I need to set OS X's Pixel format image to RGB 4.4.4 Any ideas? Can clover do this?
  9. Anyone else having color problems? My colors are all messed up under OS X. Yes, I have an XFX R9 380
  10. ameris cyning

    Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    Does TransGaming still work with Cider?
  11. ameris cyning

    iTunes videos not playing; songs play OK

    Its a widely known issue that has been around for a very, very long time. I doubt anyone has figured out why this happens.
  12. Siri on the Mac would be nice, but it is pure speculation at this point. This thread looks more like a wishlist instead of "what we know about it"
  13. ameris cyning

    Desktop Android

    Hey y'all I have been thinking about Linux and the fact that it hasnt put much of a dent into Windows' dominance. But the answer has been right in front of us the whole time. Its about software. Now I am not going to say that Linux devs are bad programmers, they are not; but they do not know how to make a good UI that normal people can follow. That is where Android comes in. It was designed just to do that; Google took Linux and put a good UI on it. And it became popular, very popular, and a lot of money is made in selling its software. Linux on the desktop is a dead dream. Its never going to happen. But we have a chance, right here, right now, to make an OS so good that Microsoft would have real competition on the desktop. There are a few Android Distros out there, but none of them are doing it right. I think it can be done. There were those who said that no one could make a GUI. Look at how wrong they were. Its a matter of who has the best ideas that will bring in people into using your OS. It can be done.
  14. What is inside your Drivers64UEFI folder in Clover? Also, open Terminal and type in the following: sudo nvram -c. Reboot and take out the USB stick and test to see if it works.