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Clover v2.5k giving black screen

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 I made a clean install of High Sierra on a 1TB crucial ssd. Installed clover Clover_v2.5k_r5070 into the EFI of this ssd, but when I tried to make it my default boot drive, the clover screen wouldn't come up, and left a black screen.

I tried using the Olarilia usb drive and clover did the same thing. 


I thought maybe that it was a theme issue so I tried to blind boot by just hitting the enter key but the nothing happened.

I restarted and selected my my old drive with clover v2.4k_4945 from the bios the bios boot menu.  Clover came up and I could select my new drive from the clover menu.     


Changing the themes, didn't help. No matter what theme I chose (including embedded), clover v2.5k didn't work, and  I still got just a black screen.


Do I need to install v2.4k on my new drive or is there a way I can get v2.5k working?


I have a GA-x79-ud5 motherboard, AMD  rx580 graphics card and use a Sony 4k tv as my monitor.

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No reason why you'd experience this except maybe if you did not install Clover properly. So please specify:

  1. BIOS mode (UEFI vs. legacy)
  2. Options you used/selected when you installed Clover

The post a zipped copy of your EFI folder.

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8 hours ago, Hervé said:

No reason why you'd experience this except maybe if you did not install Clover properly. So please specify:

  1. BIOS mode (UEFI vs. legacy)
  2. Options you used/selected when you installed Clover

The post a zipped copy of your EFI folder.


1. I am using UEFI

2. I used the default settings

My EFI folder:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/12HeQjunc0IpzscIypNoLVcc45Em0fmnn/view?usp=sharing

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Make debug.log by setting in config.plist


Upload the result from the folder


Create the folder before the experiment.

Install DataHubDxe.efi into



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