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The laptop in question: Acer TravelMate 8472 TM8472 (Model: ZQ3) (refer to the "Spoiler" at the end if you want the machine specs)


"So what are you bugging us for?" Good question, because I am usually an introvert and usually just keep looking for answers but I could not find some. Jumping to it...

What does not work and I would like thoughts on:

  • Bluetooth does not register, used to on previous installs (sorry, I did not pay attention to see if this was caused by me updating to 10.8.5 but that was necessary for the below functions)
    • (It does not work in Debian either - Ignore)
  • LAN and WLAN  - I have found Kexts (somewhere, I think I just lost them... dang it...) for the WLAN but I have yet to try them, nothing for the LAN
    • I know this is cheating but I read that The NDISulator for FreeBSD (HINT HINT) is a port of NDISwrapper for Linux that runs Windows XP network drivers in Linux or BSD
  • Brightness controls work from the middle down on the "Sun" brightness overlay, I got this far from following this: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287133-guide-backlight-brightness-for-intel-80860046-1st-gen-hd-gma-5700mhd/ but I am kind of thinking of trying: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287133-guide-backlight-brightness-for-intel-80860046-1st-gen-hd-gma-5700mhd/?do=findComment&comment=2214344 .
    • My "magic number" is: 0xF        I used DSDTEditor in Windows, since I figured all the drivers are loaded, to extract the DSDT and compile something that somewhat works...
    • Wake from sleep issue - I tried the above guide for that but I get a no backlit display and I can see that the cursor in the password field is not flashing when I use an external light source, but it will reboot when I press Ctrl + Alt + Power "button" (it is actually a slider) and then also clear my freaking CMOS right down to the clock... yeah I have the ACPI fix implmented and it usually works...
    • DVD Player.app reports that no viable video device was found (personally I don't care about the DVD Player.app problem, just wanted to put that out there for the heck of it)
  • The microphone port always sounds like it is going through a [dirty] guitar effects petal no matter what sliders are adjusted


Likely causes of:

  • Bluetooth (BCM92046), WIFI (BCM943225HM) - So, I USED TO be able to turn on the WIFI from within Windows then reboot into Mac OS and have it work but I noticed recently that the indicator light for them turns off BEFORE it reboots now. When Windows or Android load, it lights up- "No... really, captain obvious?!"... anyways... working "No really Sherlock!" so OBVIOUSLY, the OS has to activate them... and preferably ignore the wireless switching button
    • For the WIFI module, if you omit the 9 and HM in a search, results appear!
  • Brightness - Will get reset to full "Bright light! Bright light!" when a "Load System Defaults" is applied from within the BIOS settings but like the WIFI and Bluetooth the OS will forcefully take control of it
  • Microphone In sounding dirty - me being lazy with the audio drivers
  • LAN (BCM57760) - I dunno...  when I search it, nothing comes up...


"How did you get this far?"

  1. Update the BIOS, this is oh so very important (refer to the battery section of the "Spoiler" for the reson)
  2. So it will boot off of the (Niresh) Mac OS X 10.8 with no changes to anything "Awesome" but you may still need at least a USB mouse "Aww"
  3. If you have the option to remove the display drivers/kexts otherwise it will not to boot or not display
    1. If you forgot this, breathe "You think that's air your breathing?"... anyways... during the bootloader, go into single user mode [ -s ] and follow the on screen instructions to allow for modifying the files. You will want to PREFERABLY create a folder where Mac OS cannot read them and move the IntelHDGraphics Kexts into it
  4. You are likely going to need an external USB keyboard as well now that it is installed
  5. Now install the described Kexts in the "Spoiler" associated with the hardware to get more functionality and loose the USB HICs


Any help pertaining to the Bluetooth, WIFI, LAN, bizarre brightness and wake after sleep backlit display issue would be wonderful... Thank you for your time and I hope that I helped anyone else out with some of their own issues pertaining to the Acer TravelMate 8472 TM8472 ZQ3 no nVidia with i5 laptop...

(Attached are non-modified extracted DSDT DSL and AML files "with errors according to DSDTEditor" for reference of the machine with a Phoenix BIOS version of 1.28 (07/20/2011))





"What does the manufacturer boast about it?"

  • Intel Core i5 520M processor (2.4GHz, 3MB L3 Cache) (TurboBoost to 2.93GHz... woo hoo...)
  • Intel HD Graphics (Uh... I would say that this is not something to really be boasting about, most of the time it stinks for high end... anything)
    • First Generation Intel HD Graphics IronLake, no nVidia graphics (Dissembling the machine clearly shows where it would be installed for the higher end option)
    • The display resolution issue was resolved by following this guide: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/
    • The display - AU Optronics AUO313C B140XW03 V1 [ Thank you, HWiNFO64 ! ] - was found to be a LVDS by searching for the Product Specification PDF as, again, Debian did not want to do " sudo intel_reg_dumper " and a lot of hopping from safe boot to regular boot through the GRUB2 and Chameleon bootloaders I found that Alternative 1 and 2 1X works but Alternative 1 gives me some really cool looking unintended gitched after effects "You're weird." I know. :D
  • 14.0" 16:9 HD LED LCD
  • 4GB DDR3 Memory [it has been swapped out for the maximum that it can handle of 8GB]
  • 320GB HDD (Western Digital, I wouldn't have it any other way...)
    • The original has been swapped out with a same size to preserve the OEM recovery partitions, though unfortunately both of them are 5400RPM ("Why don't you go SSD?" I know the technology has become better but I still do not have a whole lot of trust in it - If it works, why change it)
  • DVD-Super Multi DL Drive
    • This fine thing will drive you nuts... there is a designated system managed eject button, much like on an actual Mac, that is next to the second wireless switching button. Do not press eject as the laptop is first booting up unless you want it to lockup before or during the BIOS boot screen
  • "Acer Nplify™ 802.11 b/g/n"
  • 6-cell Li-ion battery (VERY NICE - NO MATTER WHAT OS I AM RUNNING, IT... LASTS)
    • I had used the Kext Utility v2.6.2 to install the VoodooBattery.kext but I was not getting a battery percentage even with the FakeSMC and plugins, so just for the heck of it, literally all I did was update the BIOS and that is when I got the battery percentage!


"Okay... what does it really have?" Well, all of the specifications listed above and then:

  • "Atheros" Bluetooth; so says Hardware Vendor Detection from the Acer Support website, Broadcom; so says HWiNFO64 from PortableApps.com, and Foxconn BCM92046; so says the sticker on the bottom (Okay... my head hurts now... which brand is it?)
  • Chicony 1.3M Camera (works no matter what... if your into that stuff)
  • LAN by Broadcom (BCM57760)
  • WLAN by Broadcom (BCM943225HM) (No cellular modules are applicable to this model, there is a disabled mini PCI-E socket inside that is only good for a fourth expansion board USB port...)
  • Alcor card reader (registers as a regular USB drive/stick to all operating systems unless you install the drivers in Windows, then it registers as whatever you put in there)
  • EGISTEC fingerprint reader where a scroll button would be (works only in Windows after you install it)
  • Synaptics TouchPad - TWO FINGER SCROLLING EVERYWHERE, yes can you tell that I actually do like this function?
    • The Trackpad and Keyboard are handled by AppleACPIPS2Nub and ApplePS2Controller kexts
      • I regretfully obtained mine from the other macx86 :([I KNOW! I AM SORRY! I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT EITHER!] I cannot help it if mine is just being really picky (at least I am admitting it, besides, they don't seem too friendly over there, they didn't seem to like the matter I installed 10.6 on a Pentium 4 3.4GHz and on an Atom netbook :D and the result was them just simply deleting my account [just for me to go back and remake it to dissemble their stuff to see what they stole... again...])
  • Intel 5 Series Audio but Conexant drivers work in Windows, weird.
    • I use VoodooHDA 2.8.7 in Mac OS, anything older seemed to do NOTHING
  • and a telephone modem by Conexant but the Windows drivers are Liteon
  • Did I mention that this thing is from 2010? "Why do you have such an old outdated-?" Because my work gave it to me for free :D
  • FakeSMC V6 and Plugins to use HWMonitor 6.16.1372 to its full potential
  • (I also have the HFS+ drivers installed so I can read [only] the files on the Mac partition)


"How is it setup right now?"

It is multi-booted with:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate "That's on its way out very soon!" I have my ways of not being dumb online... I still use Windows XP online (*cough cough* Deepfreeze *cough*)
  • Remix OS, a port of Android-x86 (very discontinued, looking into other versions)
  • (Niresh) Mac OS X 10.8 with Chameleon "Why?" It's the last version of the cats. "No, the Niresh-" Sorry, at the time, I was a bit lazy and someone at college was asking if I could install Mac on a PC and gave me a time crunch, goof... (Did you notice that they never did Lynx?)
  • Debian Linux KDE
    • ...
      • "How did you do all of that?" And with a non-(U)EFI BIOS and no EFI partition, sorry, that is not what this topic is about... it was a metric ton of fun to get to work... LOTS of disk swapping and DBANs... and OSes like to manipulate partitions in each of their own ways and prevent other ones from installing without causing other conflicts like linux making a bunch of partitions because you told the Mac OS installer to format the drive with EFI in mind instead of MBR and so you have Windows, Linux but no Mac because the BIOS is only looking for FOUR partitions only and everything hits the fan including the kitchen sink... [I will do a post in another topic in an appropriate section of the forum, the link will be placed here]


"Dude, what in the world is the point of this machine?" Cross platform software and driver development... and to prove a point that Acer is not that bad as well as proving one can shoehorn a bunch of operating systems, including Mac, onto a 320GB HDD on a PC! :D


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