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P5W DH Instalation OK Startup failure


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Hello all,


Thanks for your great database you're making here

My Webpage

However I didn't find any clue of my problems here so far.


I am trying to set up MAC OSX ( I tried both JAS 10.4.6 and HOTISO patched DVD, both burned on DVD+R) as the native OS (on a separate SATA HD, the partition has been set as active) on the following system:


Core2Duo E6600

MSI GeForce 7900GT

Corsaire 2*1Go DDR2-800

1*SATA 160Go for Mac OSX (I have tried both SATA Chipset)


The installation sounds to be successful. However, after each installation I tried (I formated the partition as a MAC Extended and tried MAC Extended journaled), the system reboot and, after booting, it ask me to press F8 for start up otpion or to press any key to load OSX.


1. If I press any key or nothing within the 10seconds: the system seems to load (black screen with a lot of script lines) then, the screen turns black and the computer reboot.


2. If I select F8 and prompt the -v, the system does exactly the same thing, without giving any clue of what the problem is.


Any clue?





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Setting a partition active tells the BIOS which paritition to boot when there is more than one partition. But here we have OSX as the lone OS on a hard drive. As long as it is set to boot first, it doesn't need to be active.


However, it does sound like either the DVD is still in the DVD drive throughout all of this, or the hard drive was not formatted correctly before starting. But that is potentially the minor problem when the system reboots during the boot operation. Need to fix that.


Next question is what packages were chosen during the installation. When you selected the Customize window and clicked the little arrow to reveal the patches, which ones did you choose?




If you plan to reinstall, then try this first. Format the entire hard drive as FAT32 using a Windows/Linux disk/partition utility. Do not use Windows itself because it has a limit on the size of disk/partition that it will format as FAT32. So, use some other utility.


Then when you start the installation, in Disk Utility you will see the hard drive icon and below that the primary (and only) partition on the drive. Select that partition icon and erase it as MacOS Extended Journaled. Then quit Disk Utility and finish your installation. Be sure to select the correct packages in Customize.

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Same as my friends and his just keep reboot itself after the initial restart prompt.


I see the apple logo and it just keep on rebooting. Any idea?


Use the same copy on the laptop and it works okay except no usb, sound, net....etc.

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i pretty much have the same system as you :


asus p5w-dh


sata drive (seagate 160g)

nvidia 7600gt


the best advice i can give to get your system fully running is to find a 10.4.8-JaS dvd iso and install it, it will work pretty much out of the box (dont install the USB2 package from optionals), and you'll need to get a new IONetworking.kext to get your built-in network card to work, and then get Natit to get your Nvidia card fully working.


for more info on getting it to work on a p5w-dh and needed files, checkout my blog



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Thanks a lot Ramjet,


to be honest, I didn't notice you can actually explode the arrow for the option list. Then, I hope my last question is Which option should I go with?


Intel SSE

10.4.6 Combo update

and that's it?





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