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    Why OS X?

    InsanelyHac was the only web site, which made me aware of running OSX on a Windows X86 platform (thanks InsanelyHac) gave it a try, loved it, 3 months later, bought a (real) Mac Pro. Got tired of trying and fixing and reinstalling and fixing reinstalling to make things work. The Mac Pro is great, loving every moment using it. The only thing I can say is that eventually, I think the OSx86 project WILL come to and end when APPLE sees fit. Also, I’ve heard and read somewhere, that Apple engineering has incorporated some sort of EPROM chip on the Mac main boards for when the newer versions of Leopard are released (after an EFI update), 10.5 Maybe? It’s supposed to look for this chip before the OS is enabled -(kind of like an embedded dongle), Any one know about this? Any Ideas? Thanks It’s been a blast……!!
  2. Bootstrap

    P5W DH Instalation OK Startup failure

    Is the OSX partition set to active? sound like a problem I had when I was running a Hackintosh (own a mac pro now) I used Acronis Disk Director to set partion to active.
  3. Bootstrap

    Can't get your X1600XT working with borisbadenov etc?

    I've tried this method (flashing w sapphire bios) after many many tries with other methods (2 months of reinstalling etc). Worked great for me, DVI out working at 1920X1200 resolution also all the rest QE, CI Rotation, all resolutions. Only one problem, when I boot up (on DVI) I get a black screen during the entire booting-up process no vga resolutions at boot up until I get fully to the OSX desktop. I can't see what’s going on even if I try to get into my computer bios for setup options. My Video Card is an ASUS X1600XT Rev.1 Silent. Is there a place where I can set vga resolutions for boot up inside any kext file?
  4. Bootstrap

    Dell 2407 WFP

    I have a dell 2405 on ATI x1600 DVI working, screen is fantastic with DVI running on OSX10.4.7. Get the Dell Same Phillips LCD in both, (don't get so tied up in dot pitch for LCD's) I've seen the complete insides of both LCD's sample Phillips LCD. What’s important is that you know the graphics card will support the wide resolution desired.
  5. Checked both input from vga & dvi and used dvi-vga converter nothing but mouse cursor with black backrground with small bit of color on the screen. I've been trying to get this to work for a week now. Did Boris method from new install OSX86 10.4.6 all product and vendor ID's modified all .kext I don't get it.
  6. Card has vga and dvi, it was connected to the vga out put, also reboot only report 16Meg ram when the card has 256meg
  7. I've tried Borisbandenov method for my Asus EAX1600 silent Rev.1, Display went black with mouse cursor only. I have to take out card to return to OSX desktop (Intel Mainboard with GMA900 integrated) if this is the case how can I get Product and Vendor ID's. to apply 2nd Guide?