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Ok, as some of you may or may not know I'm (for the most part) the author to the weekly story, "Links for the Weekend..." On a Saturday, nearing mid-night I found myself doing not a whole lot so I decided to put out a few statistics based on the story and to hear what you guys have to say about making it better. Well here they are:


For the most part I check a good amount of my RSS feeds daily but not all (I don't plan on making this a full time job :happymac:) I don't read every single story obviously, but I do skim through all of them. I have a total of 14 feeds which are of the following:







InsanelyMac Front Page (didn't count this one)

I-Mac Forum

Mac Observer







Macworld/Macworld Top Stories


Now onto the actual story statistics. The first story appeared August 4 with a very identical layout as the ones you see these days. So far, since August 4, 16 weeks have passed by and 13 stories have been written. One story wasn't written i think a week or two after the first. Things were still getting figured out. The next was out of a really harsh MacBook failure (RSD), and the third absense of the story (just two weeks ago I think) was due to me not being availible and a little mis-communication.


Throughout the process of writing the story, I've accumulated somewhere around 170 bookmarks/links, and not nearly all have/will be used. Sometimes I'll find one that may just not cut it, and becomes too old to post the next week. (Based on using 8 links for each story,which is typical, 13 stories worth of links would be 104)


What I've thought about doing was creating a mass collage of all the links with just a short description next to each one, close to chronilogical order. Would that appeal to anyone? But anyways, this is the feedback thread so blast away. I'm just curious to what you guys might think make it better or whether or not you even like it. I've thought about adding in a link each week such as a random gadget or electronic. Just and idea. Let me know what you guys think.


My Bookmarks roughly exported from Safari. Its the "archive" down at the very bottom that is used to collect all the used/old links.


I cleaned these bookmarks up a bit.

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You've got a great bookmarks list, Kevin. ;)


http://www.everythingusb.com/ could be a good resource for the gadgets part.

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