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Ragimund (HP Z820)

Mojave 10.14.6 Update (2019-001) starts update install but reboots after a while, install fails.

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Hi All,

Noob here asking Help or Hints,

trying to build my first Hackintosh from HP Z820. Almost done...


Read Z820 Sierra & High Sierra Z820 installation guides in this forum - following them I managed to create a Booting Mojave install USB and successful

installation of Mojave 10.14.6 in to SSD. Via Clover Boot view I can choose Mojave SSD and it boots Ok, logging in Ok.


Everything "looks" to work Ok.

-CPU recognised Ok.

-SSD & HDU Ok.

-GPU Radeon RX580, 2 x DP in use.

-Dual displays Ok (Full HD, no internal speakers)

-Wired LAN working (2 Wired LAN RJ-45 connectors, using the one without text label "AMT" (?))

-No Wifi (no dongle)

-Audio working: line out & headphones, airplay (ALC262, injected 28) Ok.

-Bluetooth dongle (Ebay) in USB2.0 port Ok (paired BT Speaker, Keyboard and Mouse).

-Front: 1 x USB2.0, 2 x USB3.0 (all as USB2.0 mode, I think).

-Back: 4 x USB2.0, 2 x USB3.0 (all as USB2.0 mode, I think).

-Back: Firewire OK/NOK ? Don't own any fw device at the moment, how to test, not important now.


Not yet signed to any Apple service, iCloud, etc. Not yet installed any other software except Clover 5098 and Hackintools 2.8.6



System Preferences is showing Update, Mojave 2019-001 (1.55GB). Safari was updated Ok with another smaller update.

I try to install the Mojave Update. It downloads it Ok, warns about needed Restart and after accept it starts to install it.

Apple logo visible, progress bar visible, text "Installing Software Update" visible. Progress bar shows a minor progress - stays almost in the beginning...

and Wham! - Rebooting :(


Logging in Ok, System Update window pops open and offers the same update again...


Have read plenty of articles from different Forums (sorry, I'm desperate, Noob) and I have a feeling that it relates to my Z820 USB's (maybe??).

HP Z820 uses "Texas Instruments USB3.0 xHCI Host Controller" - NOT Intel like Apple. That's why All my USB are in "usb2.0 mode" (??).


I installed the system with SSD/HDU cables in factory settings (in SAS/SATA connectors. AstekFusion2Adapter & AstekFusion2Family kexts), worked fine.

I changed the SSD/HDU cables to different connectors (ACHI 0 / 1) like in Z820 High Sierra guide later and Booted Ok. Tried Update, FAIL.


Have no idea what's wrong or what's causing this - like I said, I'm a Noob and trying to build my first Hackintosh...


Can anyone Help Noob ?




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The process you describe is perfectly normal. What you seem to ignore is that, once system restarts, you're supposed to reboot the "install macOS from ..." partition at Clover's main menu. It's been like that since High Sierra...


If you reboot the actual Mojave partition, the update will never complete and you'll just be back where you started from.


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Hi, Thanks.


I chose the "Boot macOS Install from Mojave SSD" (there was 5 choices), it started to install, screen went grey and looked like it installs Mojave again (thought I messed again :D ) and rebooted near the end, still same menu in Clover, took it again (2nd time), same process - this time progress bar went all the way to end. Rebooted by itself.


This time there was only 4 choices in the Clover menu (no Install anywhere anymore), took the "Boot macOS from Mojave SSD".

Boots Ok, Logging In, asks about Siri (new!),  System Preferences and Dock shows STILL red (1) !!??

opened Software Update - Checking..... "Your Mac is up to date - macOS Mojave 10.14.6". 


I have disabled the Catalina update notification via Terminal (Googled commands, Noob):

sudo softwareupdate --ignore "macOS Catalina"

defaults write com.apple.systempreferences AttentionPrefBundleIDs 0

killall Dock


Dock stays clean few minutes and Red (1) comes visible again, Software Update - but checking says "...Up to Date..."


I don't understand, why ?? What's wrong...



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