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Compatible laptops/desktops?


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I'm a semi-experienced Mac user (use them a lot at school in the design labs) but I also don't make a whole lot of money being your typical poor college student. My question to the forum is what laptops and/or desktops work best with OSx86? I'm planning on buying a new laptop in the next few months and I'd prefer to use Mac OS X over Windows as my primary OS of choice but without spending a whole lot if I can avoid it. The laptop I'm currently looking at getting is this one here and it has a similar hardware make up as the first line of MacBooks. Will this one work with no problems like lack of full resolution, video acceleration for full use of OS X, wireless (very important), and bluetooth? Even if it does, please feel free to posting your working (without any of the problems above) hardware setups for laptops and desktops.

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