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  1. Any forum admins can close this thread, its going nowhere.
  2. I guess there is no input on this topic.... : /
  3. Anyone know if I can slipstream/ppf patch Apple updates to my OSX DVD iso image? Its OSX 10.6.0 (7.5GiB I think) and I want to slipstream 10.6.3 or 10.6.3 v1.1 to the image. I found a PSX ppf patcher but I dont think it can patch anything larger than CD images - I tried and the program crashed everytime I tried.
  4. I tried to use osx86tools to install an audio kext but I can't select any kexts, they're all greyed out. Anyone else see that before? What do I need to do? Audio is the only thing left that isn't working for me.
  5. anomaly

    Changing/check GPU core/vram speeds

  6. anomaly

    Changing/check GPU core/vram speeds

    So I have a pretty functional D630 OSX install - works like a champ except sleep/restart/shutdown and gfx performance. I know that this video card, an nV Quadro NVS 135M, can perform better than it is. I believe that the clock settings aren't set low (like a power saving mode). Its normal for this video card to clock down during idle usage, I used to see this a lot in Ubuntu before I applied a script to keep it at full speed. So here are my questions; -Is there a way to check/verify/change GPU clock speeds in OSX? I haven't found a way to do this yet -Anyone else experiencing this also? I guess I ought to add that my xbench score isn't bad, its pretty good. So it might look like I'm just whining, but when I start spaces, or even enable magnification on the dock, Its choppy - maybe 15fps.
  7. anomaly

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    No need, it works xP xP xP xP I followed the directions and I've got working LAN luls. Thanks.
  8. anomaly

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Unfortunately it doesn't. I'm not savvy enough to use any of that information to move forward, sorry. We'll both have to wait for someone else to work on it.
  9. anomaly

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Yeah I wish I knew Here is my vendor / Device ID taken from Linux; 09:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5755M Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express [14e4:1673] (rev 02) I've tried editting the BCM5701 and BCM5751 kexts but the best I get is a warning at startup saying the driver couldn't load correctly. I'm no pro so I could be missing something, but I don't think so. Here is basically what I do; -Edit the Info.plist to include my Vendor / Device ID -Copy in the edited kext, authenticate, replace -(sometimes I delete the other BCM kexts just to be sure) -Edit IONetworkingfamily.kext (or just add the edited BCM Kext to the package) -Open disk util and repair permissions -Reboot This hasn't worked for me. Is there any D630 user out there with BCM5755M LAN that DOES work? That would quickly settle the matter.
  10. If you check my sig I have a D630 with NV gpu also. I did not select any video options from the iATKOS disc since none of them worked, I installed vid later using nVinjector .21. BTW your gpu really has 128MB vram dedicated, the other 128 is shared so I used the 128mb vram install. For anyone with D630 and NV gpu, skip the vid driver part of a disc installation, just install it later on imo. BTW does any other NV gpu owner here have poor GPU performance? I have res-change / QE / CI but desktop effects are choppy still. I have another post about this (probably in a dead thread). These GPUs like to clock down to save energy, and I'm wondering if they simply perma clock down in OSX. I've experienced this in Ubuntu but after a few seconds of 3d effects the GPU clock (and vram) jump up. Anyone know how you check GPU/vram clock?
  11. anomaly

    Nvidia 135M SLOW performance

    Same thing here. I have 10.5.4 installed (using iATKOS 4) and res-change / QE / CI work, but my 3d performance (even desktop effects) is poor. This may be because this vid card likes to dynamically clock down to half speed on both vram and GPU. I run ubuntu on this laptop and I had this issue but only for the first 5s of 3d usage, after which the GPU would clock up and perform as it should. In ubuntu there was a script I used to stop this behaviour while on AC power; while true; do if on_ac_power; then nice /usr/bin/nvidia-settings -q all > /dev/null fi sleep 25; done This only works though if you're using the nV driver. I suspect that this is our problem but because we're not really using a nV driver, we'll not have control of how the GPU clocks itself. Does anyone know how to check GPU clock speeds in OSX? Any 3rd party apps that can tell me? That would help confirm my explanation.
  12. anomaly

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    No love for BCM5755 yet? I've tried using and editing a few of the AppleBCM kexts without any luck (on a D630).
  13. anomaly

    Very Strange Problem with Installation

    I currently have a NICE D630 from work, and I couldn't get my Kalyway 10.5.2 disc to boot either. I tried disabling "multi core support" and got further into the boot (I was getting stuck at IOAPIC:... too) but stopped once again. Guess I'll try getting a newer version of OSX; there is a guide for D630 using 10.5.4
  14. Anyone had any luck? I'd happily switch to OSX 100% of the time if I can get this network driver to work. I'm currently using XP 64bit and not everything works on xp 64, and I don't like vista. OSX is the perfect switch, if only I could browse the inet....
  15. I'm having the same experience that JReate had. Currently using 10.5.2 from Kaly, vanilla kernel. I have the TEW-443PI and with the original kext it doesn't show up. After using the 10.4.5 IO80211Family.kext I can see it in Sys Profiler and in Network Sys prefs, but I can't turn it on. I've tried editing the AirPortAth...kext and NetworkInterfaces.plist. Most of the time the new kext will give kernel panic after rebooting. Anyone had any luck? What am I doing wrong, or is it simply not going to work with 10.5.2 Vanilla? EDIT: After editing NetworkInterfaces.plist my network in sys prefs is a bit screwed up. Under "Airport" I have my usual lan card options, and under "Ethernet" I have my airport options.